AMS Election Results

If you missed it, the AMS elections happened last week! Here are the results of the 2017 AMS elections: 


1. AMS President: The Engineer's Cairn (Alan Ehrenholz) 

Yes, our new AMS President is in fact a concrete structure on Main Mall. The Cairn is represented in the flesh by Alan Ehrenholz, an engineering student who was pushed into the role by his friends. Although Ehrenholz was entered into the running as a joke candidate, but he does have experience in leadership roles. For one, he was elected to the Engineering Undergrad Society Council in his first year, and was a spirit coordinator for UBC in the summer before his second year. In second year, Ehreholz was elected VP for EUS Student Life. It may have started out as a joke, but Ehrenholz's past experience proves he is serious about student government. Congrats to The Cairn! 


2. AMS VP Admin: Pooja Bhatti

Bhatti is a fourth year science student with prior experience as the VP Admin for the Science Undergraduate Society. Her platform rests on four pillars: 1) restructuring how the AMS supports its constituencies, 2) more active outreach to clubs, and supporting club’s outreach to students, 3) making the Nest more sustainable and accessible, and 4) increasing the #bluegoldandbold pride. Bhatti was inspired to run because she believes in providing student leaders with the supplies and support they need to remain involved on campus and inspire others to join. 


3. AMS VP Academic: Daniel Lam 

Lam is a third year Atmospheric Science student with previous experience on the UBC Senate, AMS Council, and SUS Council. His goals focus on affordability, equity and inclusion, and student experience. More specifically, he hopes to "bridge different groups of people within [UBC's] campus intercultural understanding."


4. AMS VP Finance: Alim Iakhiyalov 

Lakhiyalov was the only candidate for VP of Finance, but his long list of experience ensures he is qualified for the role. He has previously served as the Associate VP of Finance, Vice Chair of Funds Committee, VP of Sigma Chi Fraternity, Arts Orientation leader, and Legal Department and Sales Associate for Aerovista. Lakhiyalov's goals include the implementation of a long-term financial plan for the AMS that focuses on sustainability. 


5. AMS VP External: Sally Lin 

Lin is currently an Arts AMS Councillor and appointed Vice Chair of the Advocacy Committee. She also has experience advising the current VP External by reviewing submissions and external policies. She plans to focus on academic affordability, student housing (more, cheaper), and accessible transit.


6. UBC Board of Govenors: Jeanie Malone and Kevin Doering

Malone, an Electrical (Biomed) Engineer aspires to focus on transparency, a better student experience, and communicating the student voice. Doering, an honours economics student, proposes to fight for affordable education, better access to on-campus student housing, and transparency. 


7. UBC Senate: Simran Brar, Kevin Doering, Daniel Lam, Jakob Gattinger and Ian Sapollnik

Doering and Lam also secured roles in the UBC Senate. Serving with them will be Ian Sapollnik, an Economics student and RA for Marine Drive Residence, who will focus on a unified tuition and curriculum consultation process for programs at UBC, an earlier exam scedule release, and a potential fall reading break. Gattinger, another senator, is an Engineering student who plans to ensure diversity and proper mental health care are considered in a meaningful way. Last but not least is Simran Brar, a Science student who aims to extend the wihdrawl deadline, implement a fall reading break, create a common syllabi policy for all faculties, and increase support for mental health. 


All Referendums were passed, which will include the building of a new Athletics building, the sale of four art pieces from the AMS Permanent Collection, and amendments to the AMS Bylaws. For more information, check out the AMS website here! 


Congrats to all the winners! We look forward to seeing what our new AMS Members will do. 


All photos and information were taken off the AMS Website