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A Look Back at Block Party 2017

Another year, another AMS Block Party. It was a night to celebrate the last day of classes, and to forget about the fact that finals were...

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AMS Election Results

If you missed it, the AMS elections happened last week! Here are the results of the 2017 AMS elections: 1. AMS President: The Engineer's...

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Reflections on the AMS Election

March 4th marked the last day of the UBC AMS election period and welcomed in the new candidates for the 2016-2017 school year. I want to...

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Get to Know Your AMS Candidates

From February 29th - March 4th, you, as a UBC student, have a very important task to complete – to vote in the 2016 AMS Elections! For a...

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Sunset from AMS

Sunset views from the window of AMS. Lookin' good Colby!

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Campus Celebrity: Carling Counter

Meet one of your new ASUS Representative to the AMS, Carling Counter. She won her January 28th ballot and today sat down with HerCampus (...