6 Reminders for the Busy College Student

Halfway into the semester is when we all consider dropping out, calling our mothers and bawling our eyes out, or drinking our problems away (disclaimer: neither Her Campus nor the author encourage this behaviour). But, that’s okay because we’re all in this together! Keep in mind that if your peers seem a bit more anti-social than usual to let it slide. But if a friend seems overly-stressed, remind them that there’s more to life than school. Maybe, just maybe, refer them to this article.

Here are 6 quick reminders and pointers to get you through the rest of the semester. You’ve come this far along – power through!

1. Get your sleep

Ironic how sleep can be both the last thing and only thing you want to do right now. Remember to get your zzz’s because your brain functions at its height when you’re well rested.

2. Go easy on the caffeine

I must admit that I, myself, am a coffee addict. But relating to the first point, caffeine can easily screw up your sleep schedule

3. Check your stress level from time to time

Everyone understands that you’re at the peak of stress right now with a slew of midterms and never-ending assignments. If you work a part-time job or two, communicate with your employer and let them know so that you don’t have extra unnecessary stress on top of academics. A little stress is proven to be good for productivity, but too much is detrimental to your physical and mental health.

4. Make time for social events

Good friendships are extremely important for mental health. Be sure to make time for friends and family because that’s what they’re there for – as your support system for when life seem too hard to handle.

5. Maintain your fitness regime

It’s so tempting to get that extra 30 minutes of sleep or to stay in as the weather gets worse, but a quick workout can really help rev your cognitive abilities and keep your motivated. So, make time for some sort of physical activity.

6. Pet some animals (not mandatory, but highly encouraged)

We are so lucky to be living on a campus that hosts dog meet-ups. Make the time to go to one of these; seriously, the dogs are so cute you won’t be able to leave them. If you have the time and ability, visit Catfe and get your caffeine fix with some cats.

We are so close, HC UBC, so take our tips to heart and power through! 

All Gifs taken from https://giphy.com/