Netflix Releases We're Excited for in 2017

New year, new series, same binge-watching college girl.


Most of us are familiar with the waiting game that comes after finishing a series on Netflix. I personally prefer my shows to be at least three seasons deep, but who can resist a brand new Netflix original?  You start a new show on a whim and before you know it you’ve spent all night watching it. Now you’re forced to wait for the new season to premiere, and who knows how long that could take?


Last year you might have found yourself wrapped up on one of those quick series, but now that the new year is underway you can get excited again. Here’s a look at both new and returning releases you can look forward to this year.


"Degrassi: Next Class"

Degrassi returned on January 6th for its third season. This drama-filled series is set in the familiar Degrassi community and doesn’t disappoint in its presentation.

"Stranger Things"

This series caught many by surprise, but after one episode most us were hooked. It’s the perfect twist of sci-fi and childhood curiosity set in the 1980s. Although there is no set date, it has been noted that it will return with nine new episodes this year.

"A Series of Unfortunate Events"

I don’t know about you all, but my middle school days consisted of horrible yearbook pictures, silly bands, and lots of Lemony Snicket! The series was released on January 13th, and we’re hoping that it lives up to its expectations.



Another novel gone Netflix! Sophia Amoruso’s journey to bossdom will hit the screen in April of this year. The series will cover Sophia’s rise to girlboss status, including some of the recent hardships she has faced.

"Orange is the New Black"

Need I say more? OITNB is one of Netflix's most popular originals. In the latter half of the year it will be returning for its fifth season!