It Sucks Being Sick

Being sick is tough, but being sick in college is miserable. At first, it seems like your sore throat, cough, etc. will go away in a day or two, but then you get a fever or you’re blowing your nose 24/7, and you feel like the world will end. If you get sick in college, especially if you live in the dorms...

  1.  Go get some medication or some cough drops to help soothe any pain and to help fight any viruses or bacteria chilling in your body
  2.  If cough drops and Mucinex don't work, then head over to the Student Health and Wellness center so they can give you a diagnosis and maybe even prescribe you antibiotics.
  3.  Once you’ve been to the Health and Wellness center, catch up on your rest. College is stressful and many students go to sleep at midnight or even early in the morning. Catching up on your sleep can do wonders and it may even help relieve some pain you may be feeling while you’re sick.
  4. Take a nice, warm shower to wash away any germs that may be lingering on you.
  5. DRINK YOUR WATER, or maybe hot tea, to help cure your sickness.
  6.  The most important thing is to stay inside and not push yourself too hard. Get some "you" time and focus on getting better.