How to be Productive and Lazy at the Same Time

I know what you’re thinking… Being lazy and productive? The two can’t coexist.

But they really can! Productivity can come in many shapes and forms. Before you can create, you have to be inspired. A lot of the tips I am going to share in this article are intended to inspire or stimulate mentally while you can still rest physically. Maybe you aren’t knocking things off your to-do list, but you can be intentional about what media you consume and gain a new skill or come up with an idea for your next project all while you are watching Netflix or reading your favorite magazine.


  1. Read

You can read anything you want, and it will activate so many different parts of your brain. Whether you are reading a contemporary romance or a history textbook, reading does make you smarter and better at writing. So pick up a book and relax!

2. Listen to podcasts

There are so many podcasts out there you can listen to while you are driving in your car or just chilling on the couch. You can listen to podcasts to teach yourself a new skill or learn about something new. Podcasts are a fantastic way to mentally stimulate yourself and develop your perspectives on a multitude of subjects.

3. Watch psychological thrillers

Maybe you just want to turn on the TV and watch something. Well if you gravitate toward a psychological thriller, you can get the gears spinning in your brain. It's like doing a puzzle or trying to solve a riddle. You are working out the muscles in your head and keeping them sharp, all while developing problem-solving skills.


4. Scroll through Pinterest or watch YouTube

If you are trying to find the motivation to start a project, but you honestly have no idea where to begin, these are great mediums for inspiration. Still, be intentional about what you watch. I love watching TedTalks on YouTube because I feel like I’m really learning something while still being entertained. Start brainstorming for a creative project by looking at other people’s work and soon enough you will come up with an idea of your own.

5. Take a power nap

If you are so tired you can’t even bring yourself to watch TV, I say just give in a take a quick nap. Rest is critical for our productivity and the quality of our work. So take a short nap, 30 minutes tops, and you can recharge you battery and wake up ready to go. I often find that I’ll get some great ideas while I’m sleeping too, so once I wake up, I know exactly how to tackle a problem or approach my next assignment.

These ideas may sound a bit out there, but I encourage you to alter your outlook on consuming media. Rather than seeing it as a waste of time or a form of procrastination, look at is as an opportunity to become inspired or to build upon your skillset. Being purposeful with your free time and managing it strategically can drastically increase your productive output at the end of the day. And the best thing is, all of these things you can do from the comfort of your bed!