10 Things You Will Understand if You Work Too D*mn Much

1. The second you get to work, you’re like...



2. When you (stupidly) agree to pick up someone’s shift, even though you have no clue how to fit it into your schedule.


3. When all your friends are having fun on the weekend, but you’re stuck at work.


4. When you have to remind yourself that you got rent to pay and a future dog to support.


5. When someone asks what your plans are for the evening, for tomorrow, for rest of the week, or the rest of your life.


6. When you’ve already almost worked 12 hours, you’re tired, hungry, and pretty sure you’re about to have a mental breakdown.


7. When you tell people how much you work, and they ask what you plan to do on your next day off…

8. When you meet someone who’s fairly wealthy and hope your “poor college kid” story will encourage them to leave a nice tip.


9. When you have to pit stop for coffee before heading to your second job.


10. When your 14 hour work day is finally over with and you get to go reunite with your bed.


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