Can’t Get Into Fitness? Ring Fit Adventure Might Be For You!

Before 2021, I never saw how everyday exercise could be deemed “fun.” How could I be excited to do a plank? That all changed when I got my hands on Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch. While “exercising more” is a pretty stereotypical New Year’s resolution, I’ve actually been able to stick to a fitness regimen for more than two weeks – increasing my energy levels, sleep habits and productivity!

The game starts off with a character customization screen – and then you’re transported to a world of fitness. The art design for this game is breathtaking, comparable to other Switch games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Your character jogs between over twenty levels, fighting enemies in an RPG format via turn-based combat. Within this combat, you’re required to squat, jump, twist, and perform energetic movements to beat various rivals. The exercises can be adjusted to different fitness levels and mobility ranges, allowing for an inclusive experience. Unlike its predecessor Wii Fit, Ring Fit Adventure steps away from scales and frequent BMI checks, focusing on active minutes and energy levels. After each exercise, your controller can check your max heart rate – letting you adjust your exercise accordingly for your fitness goals. 

The game retails for $99 Canadian dollars, which is pretty steep for a video game. If you already have a Switch on top of a gym membership, Ring Fit Adventure can be a great alternative. Whether it is a rainy day or you do not want to leave the house, this game brings inspiration for light exercise outside of the gym environment.