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4 Ways to Maintain New Semester Excitement

There always appears to be a jitter of excitement with a new semester. It’s a fresh start and a blank slate for many. Once we all settle into our academic schedules, the glimmer dies. Assignments start to pile up and occasionally (okay, often) our motivation to learn is squashed. What if we could keep that new semester excitement up throughout the session? I’m going to let you in on the secrets to prolong the motivation we have at the beginning of the semester.

Update your planner often.

Having a physical planner creates visual and tactile connections to your assignments. Frequently updating your calendar with other events allows you to frequently view what is upcoming, hopefully helping you not to miss assignments and to be aware of busy periods.

Tidy your workplace every day.

This may feel like overkill, but tiny items such as pens and paper add up. The feeling of an organized desk can carry over to an organized mind.

Connect with your professors.

The first week of school is best for introducing yourself to your professors. This will help immensely if you are struggling with a component in the course later in the semester, since you can avoid the awkward introduction in March.

Drop that unengaging elective.

If you don’t require a course for your degree and find it unengaging, it’s okay to switch classes around. If you are stuck in a course you do not enjoy, it could put a damper on other courses that semester.

The enthusiasm of a new semester is a great feeling—enjoy it!

Savannah is currently in her third year at Uvic, majoring in English and Business. When not swamped with studying, she can be found exploring downtown, drinking way to much coffee, reading, and enjoying the experiences UVic has to offer.
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