How to Deal With a Bad Mark

First of all, breathe. Okay, now close your eyes and open them because you have to read this. Just keep on telling yourself that this was just a mark. A percentage. A number that the universe does not care about. 

It’s okay. Like seriously, it’s fine, you do get a second chance either in this course, or in another one this year, or in the future. The only one who will hurt from this bad mark is you and you alone. So stop hurting yourself and comparing your mark to the glorious others who got super high grades. Maybe this mark is a tap on the shoulder to let you know that this direction for your studies is not the right path for you. Maybe you have to think about what you really want to do in the future. Getting a bad mark for one subject does not make you bad at all the other subjects out there.

I am a student in Life Sciences and honestly I love what I study - it’s a passion. I was never forced into the field although my parents were extremely glad that I chose this program. It's something I've been good at in the past, so I chose to study it in University. When I stepped into university I assumed that I would ace the very first midterm for bio. Instead, I bombed my first midterm and all that hard studying was for nothing. Ironically, My first organic chem midterm I Aced it (aced with a big A!) - despite being absolutely terrible at it in high school. Who would’ve ever thought that organic chem would be my best mark!? One of my other friends ended up getting great on the bio midterm but flunked the chem midterm.

My point is, I might be good at something you’re not and vice versa. Don’t let yourself down because of one grade. If you have the burning passion and that ecstatic feeling during the lectures then know for sure Life Sci is the right program for you, but if you’re not getting the marks you think you should, then work harder! Hard work really do pays off. But honestly - really consider why you're studying what you're enrolled in. Is it because you love the subject? If not, consider what it is that you want to be doing - and why you're not doing it.

One last note: Do not compare yourself to another student. One student can excel in one subject but you may excel in a totally different subject. Not to mention, they might be embarassed at being called out, or worse, it might make them feel bad about their accomplishment. That's hardly fair to them right?

Don’t let a bad grade bring you down, there's always another day.