Have You Eaten This Thinking It Was Healthy?

Edited by Avleen Grewal


We have all been there. We have all told ourselves we are going to be fit and starting to eat healthier (and if you haven’t, then you are probably not human). We decide that we are changing our eating habits, that we are going to replace sugar for Splenda and switch our regular coke for the diet coke (of course after ordering a double hamburger with fries). But in reality, are these switches really helpful and healthier?

Here’s a list of foods that you might have thought were healthy, but are really not.


       1. Colorful yogurt

We have all convinced ourselves yogurt is light and easy to digest. That it has probiotics and is a great source for protein. In reality, packed flavored yogurt contains high levels of sugar that go way beyond our recommended daily sugar intake (25 gr for women and 36 gr for men according to the American Heart Association).

Replace with: Plain Greek yogurt, with this one you’ll actually get all the benefits of yogurt without any of the sugar.

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       2. Diet Coke

I’m guilty of this one. I always ask for a diet coke whenever I go out for dinner and order a big burger. Although diet coke does not have a calorie degree, they are filled with sodium and artificial sweeteners that make you retain liquids and feel even more hungry after drinking them.

Replace with: Water. As we all know, water is the best drink you could drink on any occasion (also, its most likely is cheaper!)

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       3. Granola

Although we all believe granola is a great replacement for regular cereal. Granola actually posses a lot of sugar itself. Usually, we tend to serve a big granola portion as it is a replacement for cereal, but this portion contains high levels of sugar and makes it a not so “healthy” food.

Replacement: You really don’t have to replace this one, but with granola don’t exceed the portion recommended. It is still a good source of grains and fiber but in moderation.

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       4. Cereal Bars

Yeah, when you go to the supermarket and buy a box of cereal bag because it supposed to be “healthy” you are really not helping your body. Though cereal bars are filled with whole-grains, most of them are also filled with preservatives and sugar. Additionally, bars are not known for that filling either, making you feel hungry soon after eating them.

Replace with: Go for something more natural and filling as a banana or plain greek yogurt.

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       5. Veggie chips

Veggie chips although claimed to be entirely made by real vegetables, they are usually prepared with veggie powders, oil and lots and lots of salt to replicate the flavor of traditional potato chips. The truth is veggie chips are usually just as processed as regular chips.

Replace with: baby carrots or a bit of popcorn. I know its not nearly the same, but this alternative is actually all natural and way healthier.

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