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Black Seeds: The Remedy For Nearly Everything

Black seeds. The name may sound gloomy, but this tiny seed holds the potential to cure anything and everything except death. Black seeds go under a variety of names but regardless of what people call it, it comes from the same place, a plant called Nigella Sativa. 

Not only does this incredible remedy come in the form of seeds, but it also exists in oil form too. Black seed oil is used just as readily as the seed version, only it’s easier to use orally and topically. The uses for black seeds are endless but as summer winds down and routine begins once again, here are a list of ways in which you can use black seeds to improve your everyday life and overall health!


The Sinus, The Skin, The Heart

Black seed oil is a popular remedy when it comes to tackling sinus infections and allergies. It’s anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties help provide quick relief. It cures and treats infections in a fast manner so before winter hits, be sure to stock up on your black seed oil. 

After a summer of fun in the sun, your skin needs some tender loving care and what better way to take care of your skin than through black seed oil. Combine it into your moisturizer or apply it straight onto your skin to protect it from the sun or to help combat wrinkles

The most praised benefit of the black seed is the way in which it helps the heart. Not only does it provide this vital organ with the nutrients it needs like omega 6 and 9, but it also helps prevent blood clot formation and reduces pressure in the arteries. 

Fevers, Hair, And Upset Stomachs

Having a fever or the flu can really set you back when it comes to university and your workload, but with black seeds you can have quick relief as it immediately helps your immune system. A recommended remedy is to mix honey with black seed oil in a glass of warm water. This not only helps treat your fever or flu but it improves your overall everyday health. 

Hair is probably the part of our bodies that is most exposed to the sun and, if not taken care of properly, can end up being dry and drab. Black seed oil is great for restoring hair health and strength. With nutrients like omega 3, 6 and 9 its no wonder that this herb does wonders for our hair.

Nausea and upset stomachs can be hard to deal with, making you feel terrible inside and out. Luckily, black seeds have very powerful properties when it comes to stimulating digestive systems and releasing gas, making our bodies feel a whole lot better. A recommended recipe for nausea is to mix a teaspoon of black seed oil with a teaspoon of ginger juice to have twice a day.


Coughs, Cramps, and Aches

Treating coughs and asthma is another way this herb can be used in both oil and seed form. Anti inflammation and ant bacterial properties target the bronchial tubes and immune system, easing inflammation and fighting off bacteria. Even in the case of bronchitis, black seeds are used as a key herb for treatment. 

For everyone who suffers from spasms and athletes who who often have cramps, black seed oil is the answer to your problems. Antispasmodic properties help ease muscle cramps and spasms. By simply rubbing it onto the affected area you can ease or prevent cramps and spasms.

Toothaches can be a pain in the gum, but thanks to black seed oil pain can be relieved in a matter of minutes. By rubbing this herbal oil onto the gums for 20 seconds, you’re allowing the antioxidants to do their work, easing the ache and pain. 





Edited by Veronika Potylitsina


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