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5 Home Remedies to Help You Stay Healthy This Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Toronto chapter.

Winter is here and it is time to protect yourself from the chill in the air. Colds and coughs are fairly common this time of the year and though its very easy to reach for your cold and flu medication, sometimes a good natural remedy is all you need to help give your immunity system a boost!

If you’re like me, you love experimenting with home remedies and try to avoid trips to the hospital for minor colds. That is not to say, of course, that these remedies work consistently on everyone, or are applicable to all situations. However, there is definitely no harm in going natural and trying to nip your cold in the bud the old-fashioned way.

Ginger and Honey for a sore throat

Ginger has been known to have many remedial properties and it is no surprise that combined with honey, this can help your sore throat. Not only does ginger help an already-inflamed throat, it builds immunity and prevents you from getting a cold. Taken together, honey softens the taste of ginger and produces the best results.

 Image Credit: Pixabay

Turmeric powder and salt with water

Mix half portion of yellow turmeric powder and salt with boiling water. Using this mixture to gargle will help your throat a good amount.

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Black pepper with milk

Take unground black pepper with hot milk. This will help your cold and also increase your immunity greatly.

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The last two remedies are for easing menstrual cramps which are a constant and pesky part of female life. Most of us try to power through the pain and go about our daily routine. Next month give yourself a break and try these remedies.

Salt with Carom seeds and asafoetida

These ingredients may be harder to find but the search is worth it (the author speaks from personal experience). Just a spoonful of these 3 ingredients mixed together can relieve your period cramps and give you a long-lasting warm feeling. (Look for the ingredients in the spices section of stores such as Walmart)

 Image Credit: Pixabay

Dried dates with warm milk

Easier to obtain, this remedy may just become your lifelong friend. Ensure that the milk is warm. Cold drinks are detrimental to the effort!

 Image Credit: Pixabay

While these are only a few remedies, I do hope they are enough to pique your interest. Stay warm!


Bhakti Bansal

U Toronto '22

I am a second year student pursuing a History specialist. I enjoy singing, meeting new people and spending hours in bookstores.