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With the new reality that is online school and virtual life, screen time is necessary for everything that we do. (Please don’t ask me what my average screen time is per day on my iPhone…I don’t think you want to know.) With this drastic increase in screen time, I’ve found myself experiencing more headaches and minor migraines than ever before. No matter how hard we try, there’s no realistic way to completely avoid our devices — trust me, I’ve tried. However, coming from someone who’s always been highly prone to allergy, sinus, and caffeine headaches (yes those are very real), there are ways to alleviate the symptoms. Here’s a list of products and methods that will help eliminate those daily pesky headaches that come from too much screen time.


Over the years, I’ve picked up a few tricks that are really my saving grace for headaches. A few years back, I visited an osteopath — for those of you who are unfamiliar with the practice of osteopathy, it’s essentially a form of medical practice that uses natural homeopathic remedies to heal the body. Not to be dramatic, but my osteopath introduced me to the single best product for alleviating headache symptoms. This holy product, MigraSoothe, is a roll–on stick made from essential oils. When you feel a headache coming on, you simply roll it onto your pressure points (I find it works best on your temples) as you inhale and relax. It has a fast-acting cooling sensation that temporarily relieves throbbing headaches. I’ve already gotten two out of my five roommates to purchase it, so trust me on this one.


I often find that my headaches are largely due to sinus congestion and allergies due to the seasonal changes, in addition to screen time. While it’s commonly known that taking steaming hot showers helps to clear out your sinuses, here’s a eucalyptus shower spray to elevate that routine. You simply spray three or four times in the shower and the mist rises with the steam. I’ve had the same bottle for at least a year, so it’s definitely worth the purchase. Another product that calms my mind and body is a lavender pillow mist, which may seem extra, but definitely isn’t when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Blue light glasses 

This one is a major key to online school. Not to brag, but I started using blue light glasses before they became trendy. Years ago, my doctor actually recommended using blue light glasses whenever I’m staring at a screen, and I really feel a difference when I’m wearing them. Also, I may sound like a grandma for this one, but on a Mac you can change the setting to “night mode” and choose how strong you want the filter to be. I find this really helpful and keep it as my default setting throughout the day.

Random Amazon finds 

Sometimes I’ve gotten so desperate that I resorted to googling random products in the hopes of finding something to alleviate the pain. Unsurprisingly, Amazon has had my back and I’ve found an array of amazing products. First, Aculief is a tension relief tool that you clip on to your hand to reduce pressure. The pad of your hand between your thumb and index finger is a pressure point that connects to your head and it usually gets extra tense when your head hurts. This tool clips onto your hand and instantly relieves the pressure.

Another product is this massage tool. Your whole body tenses up when you have a headache, so the knobs on this neck and shoulder massage target trigger points, which is extremely therapeutic and effective in decreasing head pain.

This last one looks absolutely ridiculous, but it honestly works the best. It’s a migraine relief ice cap that you wear, and it reduces the pressure of a migraine directly through your head.

All of these products have truly helped me combat headaches and migraines, which is more important now than ever in an almost entirely digital way of life. If online school has taught me anything, it’s how to better take care of myself and prioritize self–care. These products have been lifesavers for headache relief and getting through another semester of online school. I hope these suggestions help you out, too!

Carly is a senior in the College majoring in PPE and minoring in Consumer Psychology. When she's not cackling at old Vines, she is probably binge watching YouTube videos and treating herself to a relaxing self-care routine. She is an astrology and Sudoku enthusiast and loves reading in her spare time...if that's what her horoscope is telling her to do.