Health Goal of the Month: Get Organized

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 academic year collegiettes! I’ve always liked challenges and finding new ways to better my mental and physical health, so starting this month I’m going to upload monthly health goals to help improve my lifestyle and hopefully inspire some of you to do the same!

Here’s how this series is going to work: at the beginning of each month I’m going to upload a general health goal and then explain some little tasks that I plan to do throughout the month to achieve the goal. When the next month rolls around, I’ll upload the next monthly health goal and write a brief review of the previous month’s tasks.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this series and try out however many small tasks you want! Feel free to leave any suggestions or new tasks that worked well for you in the comment section. Nevertheless, let’s get started on September’s health goal!

The health goal that I chose for this month is to get organized. Though getting organized isn’t a goal that is as related to health as, say, exercising or dieting, I do believe that maintaining an organized lifestyle throughout the academic year contributes to a clearer and healthier mind.

Here are some small things to try to lead a more organized life during the month of September.

1. Colour-Code Courses

Honestly, I’m slightly obsessed with colour coding. I find assigning a different colour to each course and using that colour for everything relating to that course really helps me keep organized, especially when juggling 5 classes.

2. Make a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet

Semester assignment spreadsheets are so easy to make and are insanely helpful! I started making these at the beginning of first year to stay on top of all my deadlines and they’ve made my life so much easier. Check out this guide to making an assignment spreadsheet.

3. Keep an Agenda

Truthfully, I’ve never been able to keep an agenda for longer than a few weeks hence why I’ve listed it among these small goals. Writing in an agenda is a great way to keep on top of deadlines and they’re super helpful for people who struggle with time management. Check out Rebecca Lindenbach’s steps to organizing an agenda here.

4. Maintain a Clean Workspace

This is something that I’ve always wanted to work on. During the school year, I’m usually up until midnight doing homework and when I wake up to continue working, my workspace is a disaster! Making sure that your workspace is all tidied up before going to bed makes it so much easier to start the next day off with a clean slate.

6. Choose Your Outfit the Night Before

I spend SO much time each morning trying to figure out what I want to wear. My mornings would go so much smoother if I just decided what to wear the night before.

7. Make a Weekly Plan

This kind of relates to keeping an agenda. Try to plan out your goals for each week and schedule in enough time to complete everything that was outlined in your agenda.

What's your monthly goal? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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