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Newnan Announcement: A Guide to the Course Guide

Just when Michigan students thought the stress of midterm exams was over, the Fall 2017 Course Guide was released, leaving us with more questions than we thought possible. With spring and summer Course Guides already available, students have begun to flock the website, searching for coveted classes in hopes that by the time registration begins, there will be a little to no waitlist. While much of our schedules revolve around mandatory major requirements, often we find ourselves in need of filler classes. From distribution credits to minicourses, the LSA course guide can be confusing. Though the courses offered at Michigan create endless opportunities for learning in your desired career path, these classes are found to be popular each semester they are offered. Whether you are interested in math and science, or writing and history, there is still so much that can be learned.

ALA 125 – Internship Success

Professor: Tim Webb and Ben Anderson

Credits: 1 (Minicourse)

Freshman or senior, there is always room to grow professionally. Internship Success offers students with insight and materials to find your strengths and market them when it comes to internship preparation. Through networking, informational interviews and mock presentations, students will learn to make the most of their resources and explore a career in their desired industry.

Quote from U of M Student: “I actually looked forward to waking up for a 9 AM class knowing I was learning real life skills.”


ASTRO 106 – Aliens

Professor: John Monnier

Credits: 1 (Minicourse)

Not everyone has the chance to explore extraterrestrial life. Aliens discusses the ongoing search for ET, asking students if he/she/it actually exists and if has ever visited Earth. Through a series of homework assignments, iClicker questions and weekly quizzes, students study the Drake Equation and our star system to get a better sense if there are other forms of life in our solar system.

Quote from U of M Student: “Great class if you want to learn just a little about aliens and astronomy without taking a core class.”


COMM 405 – Seminar in Mass Media and Mass Communication The Selfie

Professor: Scott Selberg

Credits: 3

The term “selfie” was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013. While this recent phenomenon is not always taken seriously, COMM 405 explores the self and what it has to do with the selfie. Students can expect to become familiar with tools to analyze the selfie, categorizing self-portraits into their own categories (i.e. the mirror selfie, the duck face selfie). From the self-portrait to the celebrity, students will learn historical context for self-expression.

Quote from U of M Student: “I never really thought about the selfie outside of Snapchat before taking this class.”


ENGLISH 223 – Creative Writing

Professor: Derek Palacio

Credits: 3

Through short stories and poems, students are given the opportunity to wrestle with the real world through a creative outlook. During the course of ENGLISH 223, students explore literary techniques for creating fiction and drama through story telling and narrative structure. By the end of the semester, students will have built a portfolio of revised pieces, workshopped by their peers. With hard work and dedication, this course can be completely rewarding.

Quote from U of M Student: “The class was super great. I always recommend it to my friends that need a creative expression credit.”


ENGLISH 290 – Themes in Language and Literature Horror

Professor: Gina Brandolino

Credits: 3

From short stories to scary movies and everything in between, students will immerse themselves in the genre of horror. Weekly lectures based largely on discussion will revolve around works both historic and recent, some of which that are computer base. The Motor City Ghost Hunters may even make an appearance. Grades consist of quizzes, writing assignments and a final project.

Quote from U of M Student: “This class is a lot of fun and everyone gets really engaged during lecture discussions.”


ENGLISH 425 – Advanced Essay Writing

Professor: Jeremy Chamberlin or John Rubadeau

Credits: 3

Students will have the opportunity to leverage what they have learned as undergraduates and sharpen their writing skills through advanced essay writing. Depending on the section, students gain understandings of writing within the real world. As a continuation of ENGLISH 325, the focus of the course revolves around finding your voice and strengthening it through your writing.

Quote from U of M Student: “Literally life changing class.”


PSYCH 280 – Introduction to Social Psychology

Professor: Allison Earl

Credits: 4

With a brief introduction to the field of social psychology, PSYCH 280 covers a range of topics that affect the ways that individuals interact. Some themes of the semester will include emotion, stereotypes and prejudice. Classic and current knowledge on these topics is helpful and will be reviewed. Students will be evaluated based on discussions, exams and papers.

Quote from U of M Student: “I knew I wanted to be a psych major after taking this class… the material was so interesting.”


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