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Jillian Bean: Ann Arbor’s Newest Fitness Queen

This week, Her Campus sat down with the creator and owner of MVMNT, Jillian Bean. MVMNT is a cycling studio that recently opened right in the heart of Ann Arbor. Even though it has only been open for a short time, this boutique fitness studio has drawn a wide variety of students all looking to listen to some good music and sweat off those extra Pizza House calories. Here is what Jillian had to say about herself and her new kick-ass studio:


Her Campus: What made you want to start a fitness studio?

Jillian Bean: During my undergrad experience, I was teaching spin for fun, but I really was never into fitness. I played tennis in high school but that’s about it. When I got to college, I was so worried about finding a way to stay healthy and avoiding the freshman fifteen. Eventually, I found a place that had spinning and I fell in love with it. Overtime, I started teaching and spinning for fun. Once I was in grad school, the spinning place I had exercised at was long gone. I was sitting in Fred’s one day and I realized that the market is here, in Ann Arbor. If there was ever a time to open a studio, then it would be now. It had always been a dream of mine. I never thought it would be anything serious, but the stars just kind of aligned: the market was there, I was about to finish grad school, and the space was open. I thought that if I was going to do it, I should just do it now. My dad gave me the okay and we just kind of hit the ground running. Now here we are.


HC: What is your favorite part about this studio?

JB: What I love is that, at least for me, I can come in and be efficient. I can do my entire workout in 45 minutes and then I’m done. As a student, you have no time and there are few opportunities to get workouts in with such a hectic schedule. I wanted a place that was fast and intense. I love that I can accomplish a lot of goals in one place. Also—I am a flaming feminist so having a medium to empower women is amazing. Obviously, we have some awesome guys who come in here too, but it is overall a female market. If you guys are a captive audience for 45 minutes, I have a chance to take that time to influence you and make a difference. I love that every personal goal I’ve had—living a healthy life, empowering women, and donating back to the community—can be accomplished in one place.


HC: What are the challenges that come with owning this studio?

JB: I think there are challenges with everything. When we first were trying to open, the challenges were finding a place, negotiating a lease, and other logistical details. We had to completely tear down and remodel the space. The next challenge was figuring out how to get the people in, and how to ensure that clients are getting out of it what they want. The other challenge, broadly as a cycling studio, is figuring out how to be different. You’ve got Sole Cycle and you’ve got Flywheel, so how do we set ourselves apart? And how do we solidify our brand? I think these have been the most prominent obstacles, but what it boils down to is having great instructors, having a good space, and having the people that want it. You guys are a whole new breed of students. U of M students are different because you guys are so motivated.


HC: Speaking of being different, tell me about the unique bikes that you guys have.

JB:  Yes! This is my favorite part! If you’re going to workout and you’re going get on these bikes, then you want to get the most out of your workout. If the bikes are stationary, then you will get bored. You could get a great workout from sitting on a regular bike, but if you want to do more and really cross-train, then these are the bikes. These bikes can turn side to side, so you get the core work and it’s just 20% extra calories by doing more than just sitting there. I want to give everyone who comes in the best workout in 45 minutes, and these bikes can carry out this goal.


HC: Do you see yourself ever expanding?

JB: Yes, of course. We are not sure where it’s going go or how long it’s going take, but I would love to eventually open a studio in Detroit. Also, Reel Rider, the bike manufacturer, just hasn’t yet had the person to bring them into mainstream and I see us doing that. And, you know, the people who come into MVMNT are from all over the country so we hope they can spread the word. But I would love to expand to bigger cities like New York, Miami, and somewhere in California. I see big things for us, but I think it will take time.


HC: Fun question: What is your favorite music to spin to?!

JB: That’s a good question! I really like spinning to popular EDM music. I am not sure if I even like the music, but it’s so good for getting pumped up. I especially love Krewella’s “Team;” that song always gets me going. If I am exhausted and hear that song, no matter what I will jump on the bike.


HC: Anything else you want to add??

JB: I think the best part of my philosophy is that fitness is personal. Anybody can do this. If you are a triathlete you can come and get a great workout here. If you are a beginner, and are just looking for a fun way to spice up your exercise regimen, you can come and do your own thing as well. This is all about you: how far you are willing to push yourself and how far you are willing to let me push you. And we are really looking to expand beyond spin with some fun additions and collaborations coming soon!


MVMNT is located at 1300 South University Avenue. For more information go to www.MVMNT-aa.com or check out the Instagram @mvmnt_aa. Come on ladies, let’s get up and join the MVMNT!

Photo Courtesy of Jillian Bean.

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