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Why Starting Your Day With 5 Minutes of Meditation Is Beneficial

At first I was a bit skeptical of meditation as I have never done it before, but a past teacher convinced me that mediation before starting class, work, your morning, or ending your day can really help your mood. 

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Morning Meditation

I love to begin my day before I start anything with just a quick 5 minute video from youtube, such as the one linked. This video makes you focus on your breathing, and really makes you stop and think about certain areas on your body. I find this to be extremely beneficial because it brings my mood and my mindset to a better place before I prepare for school or work. 


Meditation Before Class

I find that meditation before class can be very helpful, especially when you know you have a load of schoolwork ahead of you; I find it stress relieving and it mentally prepares me for the day well. You don’t have to do this for every class, but I do like to do this before my first class or even the class I know will be the most stressful for the day. 

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Meditation Before Work

Meditating before work really changes my mood before punching my time in. Working in a fast-paced environment can be extremely stressful, especially knowing it will be a busy day/night. I do like to switch up videos and this is another video that I do like to listen to, as it is shorter and a bit quicker. 


Bedtime Meditation

I do not do this kind of meditation much, but when I’ve had quite a stressful day or didn’t have the time to meditate, I will meditate before going to bed. It’s a good way to debrief everything that has happened during the day and let everything out before getting rest!

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Ultimately you can meditate any time during the day! I find that meditating in the morning, before work, school and bed are extremely beneficial for myself and others, but that is just personal preference. Meditation doesn’t have a set time, it’s entirely up to you and when you want to meditate! 

Hannah is a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying in English along with a minor in Education. In her free time from HerCampus, she loves listening to Mac Miller, watching Tik Toks and cuddling with her cat Lobster.
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