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So You Don’t Like Drinking Water: Here’s How to Enjoy Every Glass of it You Drink

Every time someone tells me they don’t like drinking water, I cannot wrap my head around it. Of course, there are valid reasons for not liking the taste of water, but not liking water to the point of never drinking it is something I try to bring up to those people. Water is vital to your body’s ability to function properly, so if you aren’t getting enough hydration, your body is most likely not performing at its peak. As college students, I know adding one more thing to our to-do lists is the last thing we want to do. But because water is so important, you should find the best way for you to start drinking more water. 

Find Out How Much Water You Should Be Drinking

A rule that many (myself included) have lived by for years is that you should drink eight glasses of water that are eight ounces each every day. While 64 ounces is not a bad place to start, it certainly shouldn’t be used as a one size fits all. Different bodies need different amounts of water. If you feel adequately hydrated by drinking six cups of water a day, then that’s great! It’s also important to make sure you aren’t over hydrated. Sometimes, you won’t feel hydrated unless you have had ten glasses, and that’s okay too. Try experimenting with different water levels to see how they make you feel.

Keep Water Around You

If you find yourself doing things mindlessly in class or while watching TV like playing with your jewelry, you can easily incorporate water as a mindless activity that helps you. Try finding a cute water bottle to take everywhere with you, and make sure it is in your sight when you have class or are watching a movie to unwind. The idea is to mindlessly be taking sips of water during this other activity. This makes the act of drinking less of a chore so you don’t have to think about it, but also gets you a higher water intake.

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Buy a Cute Water Bottle

Somehow, buying things for an activity always motivates me to do that activity more. If I buy cute new workout clothes, I’ll be more inclined to go to the gym, and if I buy a fresh yoga mat, I’ll probably sign up for a yoga class that week. This principle can also easily work for water, so try shopping around for your dream water bottle! It can be something simple and super cheap, but with an adorable pattern. If you love cold water, it can also be an insulated bottle. Either way, just make sure you love it!

Try Adding In Some Flavor

For some people, drinking water is difficult because they can’t stand the taste of water. If that sounds like you, try adding in some flavors to your water so that it doesn’t taste so boring. Some of my favorite things to include adding lemon, strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple. If you go to school with a garden where you can pick different herbs, try taking home some fresh mint leaves and create your own spa water!

Check the Temperature of Your Water

The water’s temperature can affect how it tastes a lot, so see if you just don’t like the taste of ice-cold or room-temperature water. You could also see if some hot lemon water tastes better to you than normal water and incorporate this into your morning and night routines. This is such a simple fix that will only take a few days to experiment with!

I hope these tips showed you some new ways to increase your water intake and make it an enjoyable experience! Water is so important for your daily life, so by making it a less painful process, you can hopefully start a new routine of hydration. 

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