Positive Affirmations – How Well Do They Really Work?

Everybody on this planet wants something, whether it’s money, success, love, happiness, a new car, a family, or even just a raise – everybody has somethinthat they are seeking. We are all working to get the things we desire, and every day we do things to inch closer and closer to accomplishing those very goals but what if there was more we could do? 

So many successful people (specifically the UMass spring speaker, Camille Kostek) emphasize the power of positive energy and how effective it can truly be. She spoke about how you really need to envision your life as you want it, not how it is, and it will be that much easier to achieve. Her message inspired me to make a list of all the things in life that I want to accomplish and convert these goals into easy affirmations that I can repeat throughout the day. It ended up looking something like this:

  1. I will find the perfect internship.
  2. I will improve my physical and mental health.
  3. I will handle stress in a better way, and avoid negativity no matter what.
  4. I will be successful.


These are a few of the affirmations that I have been repeating in the past few days, and although not all of them have come true (yet) the process has completely changed my mindset. I have found myself more willing to do things that will improve my physical and mental health, and realized that I have actually been pretty successful in avoiding negativity. Not everything that you write down is definitely going to come true, and that is okay. Practicing affirmations is more about sending out positivity to the universe and shifting your mentality to believe that positivity will return back to you. Being clear about what you want in life and repeating it daily is essential to achieving your goals, and trusting that it can actually happen is crucial. 

Repeating positive affirmations inspired me to work harder towards my goals.  Now that I know exactly what to focus on, it will allow me to come up with specific ways to achieve them, which will make it easier in the long run. Also, there is really no downside to radiating positive energy – when you send positivity out to the universe it will come back. Affirmations are an easy way to increase your positivity, and truly focus on what it is that you want. We spend so much of our lives focusing on what we don’t have, but that is not the purpose of daily affirmations. They are about believing that you are capable of achieving your goals and being grateful for your ability to make them happen!

Positive affirmations are something that every single person can do.  If you really focus on what it is that you want, you can achieve it.  Everyone knows that success requires hard work and dedication, but it also requires you to believe and trust that you can be successful. Once you convince yourself that you can do something, nothing else can stand in your way.

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