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My Grandma’s Not-So-Secret Secret Recipe (And Why It’s Important)

For as long as I can remember, my grandma has made her signature brownies.

At every birthday party, holiday dinner, and backyard barbecue, there were a plate of brownies on the table at dessert.

I always thought they were a super special, super secret recipe that was finely honed and would one day be passed down to myself and my cousins. It turns out that I was partially correct. I would eventually know the recipe.

My grandma’s super secret brownie recipe is the Ghirardelli box mix that she sprinkles some powder sugar on top of so it looks fancy. Revolutionary, I know.

a hand mixer in brownie batter

It’s a very simple recipe. But in it, there is a deeper meaning that I see resonate through my family. All of my cousins look forward to this simple plate at every family event. When the party ends, my grandma always makes sure to package up the leftovers and dole them out to us to take home.

(Pro tip: put the brownies in the fridge and let them harden a little before eating them. Trust me, it’s amazing!)

But no matter what’s going on in the world, the brownies were always a staple on the table. Racing to get one after the candles are blown out is like a tradition and one that I treasure. They’re not overly complicated and can be made fairly quickly. You can eat them all in one sitting (which I have ZERO experience doing by the way!) or stretch them out for a week. You can share them with your loved ones and know that each person will be able to enjoy them. They’re an easy conversation and a special memory that I treasure.

The simplest food on the table is the best one in this case, and something that you never want to stop eating. Knowing the work my grandma puts in makes them so special. And while her other recipes are amazing (homemade soda bread and fudge? yes please!), this easy dessert is shareable and perfect for a family getting together for an occasion.

I always treasure having them with my family and spending time with them. However, this holiday season was different. Because of social distancing, I wasn’t able to see her for Thanksgiving. But when I finally did? She had a plate of brownies just for me.

And they were the best batch I’ve ever had.

Photo by iMattSmart from Unsplash

Mima’s Brownies (The Recipe):

Step 1: Go to Costco

Step 2: Buy a box of Ghirardelli Brownie Mix (make sure it’s the one with chocolate chips!)

Step 3: Follow directions on box

Step 4: Sprinkle powdered sugar on top of finished brownies

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