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Midterms Week As Told by Squidward Tentacles

Spongebob Squarepants is a timeless classic with characters that are incredibly hilarious and relatable. As we start to get more buried in our work and midterms, there is only one character that we start to relate to: Squidward Tentacles. I don’t know about any of you Collegiettes, but my midterms week is going to look a little like this.

Still having to get up for those morning classes (now that we’re probably going to start to have Monday classes again, huh?)

Taking that first step outside the dorm in the cold winter weather:

Realizing that you haven’t started studying and your exam is in less than a week:

Staying up all night to successfully finish that project you’ve been procrastinating on:

Listening to your friends, who are all trying to keep you optimistic about how close Spring Break is:

Realizing that the only thing that’s keeping you calm before midterms are all the snacks you’re eating:

Trying to understand at the last minute what your professor was trying to explain to you:

But you finally make it through!

Now, just go back to your room and try to catch up on all that sleep you missed.

Hopefully all of your midterms will go well, and you’ll be back to your carefree “Spongebob” selves in time for Spring Break!


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