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How to Conquer Self-Doubt and Realize Your Worth

Ladies, we’ve all had moments when we honestly just think we’re not good enough. Whether there’s a guy or girl that rejects you or a job you really wanted but didn’t get, most every girl has asked themselves, “Why am I not good enough?” But stop yourself right there. Because you are good enough. You always have been and you always will be. So, when we are stuck in those ruts of feeling basically mediocre, here are a few tips to help empower you and remember just how freaking awesome you are.

1) Make a list of all the things you love about yourself

I know this one may seem kind of cheesy, but it totally works! Grab a journal or even a piece of paper that you can stick on your wall. To start off, just list 5 things you love about yourself. Try to focus on inner traits instead of your physical appearance (not to say that your sparkling blue eyes are something to scoff at). It’ll help you to realize that there are things about yourself that others don’t have. You may not be as work out savvy as all of your friends, but you are a stellar pianist. Or maybe you just have a quality about you that helps you stand out in a crowd. For example, you could feel totally comfortable in a professional setting while your roommates are struggling to even know how to talk to a CEO. Either way, list them out! You might be surprised how many you can come up with.

2) Get advice from those who have been there and done that

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you’re not alone. In order to get everything off your chest, talk to family and friends to express your feelings. Holding it inside only will make it bubble up inside. And since a lot of women have already gone through this or are currently experiencing it, it helps to share stories and get suggestions on how to overcome it. Even going to lectures or events hosted by successful women on campus that sound inspirational to you can help boost your self-esteem. Simply, don’t be afraid to reach out.

3) Realize that this is totally normal

I truly believe everyone, at one point in their lives, feels like they just will never be enough. They feel like they’re not pretty enough, smart enough, fit enough, you name it! You just feel like no matter how hard you try, you will never be enough. And it’s totally normal to feel that way. What you just need to avoid is having it stay that way. Life is full of ups and downs. This is where talking with your friends comes in handy. Even though some people may seem like their lives are perfect, I can guarantee you that they are most definitely not; they just know how to put on a smile or they are content with riding the wave of ups and downs. So remember, that you are not alone, and there are always others you can reach out to for help.

4) Make a bucket list and actually cross some stuff off

A lot of people talk about things they’ve always wanted to do but never have. Well, this is the perfect time to conquer those goals. Hike that mountain you’ve always been afraid to climb or go on a road trip with a couple of your closest friends. Accomplishing goals is one of the best ways to feel great about yourself. It gives you the ability for you to say, “That was hard, but I did it!” Even small things can make a difference. Run a 5K or volunteer at a local homeless shelter. Whatever it is you decide to do, do it for you and you alone. Reaching goals is one of the best ways to feel like you can do anything. And if you can run a 5K, then what’s going to stop you from running a 10K?

5) I know it’s hard but stop comparing yourself to everyone around you

This is probably the most important way to conquer self-doubt. Before this year, I constantly compared myself to all of the girls on campus. Everywhere I went, I always felt second best. Whether it was in my political science classes or out at a frat party, I always focused on the fact that someone was smarter or prettier than me. And yeah, that’s true. But it’s true for everyone. There will most likely always be someone who is better than you in some way, shape, or form. The key, however, is to realize that they will never ever ever EVER be you. There are traits that you have that she won’t have and vice versa. So don’t get caught up on comparing yourself. You have more important things to spend your time doing.

Most important of all; Remember you’re worth it, Collegiettes!

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