Fashion Icon: Rachel Green

Of all the girls of the 90s, Jennifer Anniston’s character, Rachel Green from the hit TV series, FRIENDS has caused quite the fuss in the beauty and fashion world. Her simple yet sexy style captivated the attention of boys that crushed on her, and girls that wanted to replicate it. Check out these tips so you too can recreate her feminine, sleek look.

Ever heard of “The Rachel”? This famous hairdo started popping up everywhere once Rachel sported it on Friends. To achieve this look ask for lots of layers, and go for a dirty golden blonde hair color. This shag is sure to flatter all faces, as the hair frames the face, and the volume is endless.

Grab yourself a pair of black tights and a mini skirt. Rachel was known for her curve hugging office attire, and was frequently seen wearing a pencil skirt and tights to work. Add a pair of tall black boots, and this outfit will take you from office to nightlife.

It’s all about the neutrals. Rachel didn’t go crazy with colors. Rather, she kept it sweet and simple, with lots of black, beige, gray, white, and muted colors. She always looked pulled together, and sophisticated due to this neutral fetish.

Pull out that little black dress in the back of your closet, liven it up with a belt if you must, but be sure not to forget about it. Everyone looks good in a LBD and Rachel sure knew that. It seemed as though she wore one every other episode, and she rocked it. You can’t go wrong with a LBD, so have fun and get dressed up!

As for makeup, keep it neutral and simple. Rachel never went over board with the face paint, nor does her real life persona, and she still looks fabulous! Take a tip from her, and use makeup to make up for what you don’t have, not to hide your natural beauty. Blush, pink lipstick, brown eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara will do the trick.

Lastly, smile and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. Rachel was notorious for getting herself into sticky situations, but she always came out just fine, because she never took life too seriously, and neither should you. Her down to Earth, girl next door personality was a hit! It’s not too hard to replicate that, just be yourself and your true beauty will shine through!

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