The Different Types of People at the UMass Recreation Center

Ah, the UMass Recreation Center: a place where one can go to work out, get fit, and escape work. After regularly attending the gym for a while, you start to notice a trend in the people that show up there. Here are a list of the most common gym-goers:

1. The Dude Bro

You might see this type of person multiple times while you’re out lifting weights and getting swole. The most distinct feature of this person is a cut off t shirt.

2. “I Just Came Here to Walk Around”

This type of person is usually found just walking around the Rec Center, never stopping to get on a machine. They are usually seen just talking to friends or chatting up someone while lightly jogging.

3. The Snapchatter

This is one of the most common ones found out in the wild gym. This person can be found Snapchatting every move they make (aka making faces in the mirror). Do you really need to document that you went to the gym? Maybe next time you see this type of person, try to get in the picture.

4. The Lost Freshman

Remember when you discovered the Recreation Center your freshman year? Remember the amount of curiosity and excitement you experienced? These people are most likely found wandering from elliptical machine to treadmill trying to figure out which machine will make them blend in the most. 

5. I Literally Came Here Just to Work Out

A rare species. These are the people who just want to get in and get out. Maybe get sweaty, but mainly, get out of there. Can be spotted wearing reasonable gym attire, sweating, and sporting a hint of determination on their face.

6. The Beauty Queen

This girl is seen sporting a full face of makeup to the gym, along with a perfectly styled ponytail. This breed can be found double-checking in the mirror to see if their eyeliner is smudged or if their lipstick ran away with their sweat. 

Next time you’re at the Rec Center, try to see how many species you can spot. The gym is a place not only to work out but also to see your fellow classmates in their natural habitat. 

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