Dance Conditioning on the Runway

There are two unrelated obligations constantly floating around the mind of every collegiette: 1) I should be working out right now... and 2) I should be making the world a better place.

Shut your conscience up and go to “Dance Conditioning On the Runway!” on Tuesday, November 12 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. In these two hours you will undergo an intense and fun workout with instructor Amanda Chamberlin and a live DJ. The proceeds from the event will go to UMass’ division of Sisters on the Runway, which aims to raise money and awareness for domestic violence prevention. For just eight dollars you will receive (in addition to the reward of exercise-endorphins) awesome giveaways such as t-shirts and drinks from sponsor Monster Energy Drinks!

Meet the Instructor:

Instructing experience? Amanda Chamberlin has been teaching dance conditioning and cardio kickboxing classes at UMass’ Recreational Center for a year now. She took dance conditioning as a freshman with instructor Nicole Webb. Then the class stopped running – until Chamberlin was hired: “I wanted to bring it back and make it a legend. I added my own twist to it and try to target those glamour muscles that everyone wants,” she said.

How legit is she? Chamberlin has danced since she was four years old. She was accepted to the State Ballet of Rhode Island on a full scholarship, where she danced as a soloist and performed with the company throughout her high school career. Though she has performed every style of dance, Chamberlin loves ballet and contemporary styles of dance the most.

Why does she do it? Chamberlin said the most rewarding part of teaching dance conditioning for her is “changing lives and watching participants transform while having fun at the same time.” She added that her goal is to make the class challenging but fun by using upbeat music. “You will never see me in a bad mood,” she said, “I always have a smile on my face.”

Know the Cause:

Sisters on the Runway: Founded in 2005 in Montclair, NJ, “Sisters on the Runway” is a national organization that raises awareness of domestic violence through fashion shows that incorporate the local community.

UMass division: UMass is the third branch of SOTR across the country. In spring 2014, the 4th annual student-run fashion show will be held with proceeds going toward the Northampton domestic violence shelter Safe Passage. The group’s presidents are Chelsey Powell and Kristina Zoto.

The Event:

What exercises? Like all of her dance conditioning classes, Chamberlin plans to include workouts targeting arms, legs, abs, glutes and cardio, though they will not last the entire two hours. In between there will be fun exercise-themed competitions such as who can hold a plank the longest.

What else to know? SOTR presidents and representatives will speak at the beginning of the event to explain the importance of their cause, and Chamberlin plans to maintain the theme of domestic violence throughout the night. She plans to make new routines but include some of her favorite past routines as well. Attendants of the event are told to wear purple in honor of domestic violence awareness.

“People should expect a great workout, a lot of energy, fun prizes and giveaways, and of course some awesome music,” Chamberlin said. “I am beyond excited for it and can’t wait to dance condition for this amazing cause!”