8 Thoughts Every Newbie Has at the Gym

Everyone likes to believe that the moment they step foot into a gym they'll blend in, know exactly what they're doing and get the results they are looking for immediately. For some newcomers, however, this doesn't come as easy. Every newbie to a gym or recreation center is bound to have at least a few of these thoughts:

1. Am I supposed to dress nice?

All I want to know is if there’s such a thing as a “gym dress code” before I throw on my old baggy sweats and high school t-shirt.

2. Should I take the stairs or elevator?

I’m about to break a sweat anyways, so would it really hurt to take the elevator? 

3. Please don't go on the machine next to me!


I don’t really know what I’m doing, so if I embarrass myself it would be great to have no one around me.

4. There are way too many hot people here.

Totally wishing I did my makeup before coming. And by the way, there is definitely such a thing as a "gym dress code." Why does everyone look so dang cute? Too many Sporty Spices.

5. Who's going to notice if I only go five minutes on the elliptical?

Is it socially unacceptable to switch machines this fast? I'm so out of shape. This is killing me.

6. Now I’m totally allowed to go eat a huge meal after this.

I’m positive I worked off all the calories I ate today, so it’s basically like I ate nothing, right?

7. I have absolutely no clue how to adjust this machine.

I guess I’ll just keep it on the same setting the football player used before me, I can handle it!

8. After this one time I’m definitely going to come back every day.

In reality, we all know I probably won’t come back for at least another month. I mean, this one workout will last me that long, right?

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