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I think we can all agree that there is always one crucial part to every fitness session, no matter where it takes place: music.

If you are anything like me, listening to music is a must while doing even the simplest of tasks, such as cleaning or walking to class. I am simply unable to get through a workout without my AirPods. I will literally turn back and go get them if I forget to take them with me to the gym. I grew up dancing, so it comes naturally for me to move to the beat of the music. At the gym, I run on the treadmill, lift weights, and do ab workouts (which are always rough). I know I can always rely on my workout playlist to boost me up for a productive leg day or push me until at least a mile is completed on the treadmill.

Get into your daily sweat sesh with these songs!

“Down” – Jay Sean

This song is a throwback and reminds me of some really fun times in my life. One of my favorite memories is when my friends and I blasted this song in the car with the windows down and screamed the lyrics. I always think back to these times and it brings positivity to my workout, especially when I am not feeling motivated or just need that extra push to finish the mile on the treadmill.

“Danza Kuduro” – Don Omar, Lucenz

“Danza Kuduro” is upbeat right from the beginning and makes you want to get out of your chair and start dancing. The Latin music that plays throughout the song is absolute fire and it is perfect for doing cardio. It will most definitely turn your workout into an entire party.

“Girlfriend” – Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is unapologetic in this song and tells it exactly how it is.“Girlfriend” is the perfect song to jam out to if you are trying to get over a certain someone or just feel the need to let off some steam.

“Girl From Rio” – Annita

The lyrics of this song focus on women empowerment, and I personally like to listen to the version with DaBaby because I like rap. The chorus of this song is, “Hot girls, where I’m from, we don’t look like models / Tan lines, big curves and the energy glows / You’ll be falling in love with the girl from Rio.” These lyrics are a reminder about body positivity because she is saying that the “energy glows” even when girls don’t look like models. I always feel empowered singing along to this song at the gym.

“FeRRis WhEEL” – Tory Lanez ft. Trippie Redd

Tory Lanez and Trippie Redd both have unique styles of music and have come together to make this banger. I like blasting this through my AirPods when lifting weights or doing an ab workout.

“Let You Down” – NF

This is a good cool down song because it has a somber tone. However, it is not too slow and has a verse where there is a rap and it gets a bit upbeat. The lyrics in this song that speak to me the most are, “All these voices in my head get loud / I wish that I could shut them out,” because I often have the most intense workouts when I am stressed or overwhelmed about something.

“Take it Away” – RL Grime, Ty Dolla $ign, TK Kravitz

I always make sure to listen to this song after I do an intense workout and during my cool down. It is important to cool down after a workout because it is a way to reflect on all that was accomplished. The beats and overall vibe of the song enhance the quality of my cool down.

I always make sure to start listening to music a little bit before I workout so that I am already hyped up for the ultimate workout session. If you liked these songs, you can listen to this sweat seshh playlist!

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Harneet Kaur

U Mass Amherst '24

Harneet Kaur is a Sophomore at UMass Amherst majoring in marketing in the Isenberg school of management. She is extremely excited to be writing for Her Campus and thinks it's a great way to kick off her time at UMass. Along with writing, she enjoys listening to music, walking her dog, and playing the guitar in her free time.
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