5 Videos That Will Get You Hooked on Spoken Word Poetry

Spoken word poetry is an art that allows words to come to life through a vocal presence and raw emotions. Whether you’re experiencing it in a local coffee shop, an auditorium on campus, or through videos online, you’ll be sure to see poetry in an entirely new light. Here are five videos to give you an idea of this sensation.

1. Victoria Morgan: “How to Succeed in Heartbreak”

In this poem, Victoria Morgan perfectly describes what it feels like to be heartbroken. She details with a combination of heartfelt and humorous emotion, the steps that everyone typically goes through in those situations, and later gives advice on how to get through it and find strength.


2. Phil Kaye: “Surplus”

This poem is perfect for anyone with pride in their family line. Phil Kaye tells a story with this piece about his grandfather’s army surplus store. He then explains how having a passion and pride for the store became a tradition through generations, which in the end brought his family closer together. Anyone with a love for family will definitely appreciate this poem.


3. Jesse Parent: “To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter”

This poem is exactly what you can assume from the title. Jesse Parent gives the audience a sort of letter to any boy, or girl, who dates his daughter. His loving words make his protectiveness and care known while also adding the perfect touch of humor. The poet advocates for teaching your children how to be strong in any situation.


4. Neil Hilborn: “OCD"

Neil Hilborn gives an amazingly powerful performance about his struggle living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He brings the audience through the process of being in love while also dealing with the issue. Hilborn’s emotion and passion gives listeners an idea of the truth behind mental illnesses and how outsiders may not understand.


5. Sarah Kay: “The Type”

“The Type” is a piece that advocates for strength in women. Sarah Kay explains that it is okay to make mistakes in love while also giving subtle advice for avoiding them. This poem is empowering to any young woman trying to find her way in both love and life in general. 



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