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5 Reasons You’re Not Too Busy To Get Outside

Massachusetts weather is unpredictable, and springtime seems to be borderline nonexistent. Massachusetts spring is where winter and summer clash and sometimes we’re graced with a random 67 degree day and others we wake up to frost. At this point I’m sure we’re all used to it for the most part but there are days where the random sleet storms hit harder than others. For me, these days produce a negative ripple effect that breeds a general unproductiveness. I know I’m not alone in saying it feels as though the weather dictates my mood, especially after a long, cold winter. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to ending unproductive storm clouds: fresh air. The list could go on and on but here are 5 reasons you need to ditch the screens and step outside.

Vitamin D

As a prelude: the sun is dangerous, and everyone should wear products with SPF on the daily! Most people know this, but our bodies absorb Vitamin D from the sun. According to the Harvard Medical Journal, studies suggest that this vitamin benefits immune function and can even help fight certain conditions. Given the world’s current state, a healthy immune system should be reason enough to head outside and get some fresh air (in my opinion)!

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You don’t need to go outside to get exercise: tons of people go to the gym and train indoors at other facilities. Now more than ever, I miss campus life and the guaranteed exercise each day from walking to and from class. Exercise is undeniably good for you and with remote learning and remote everything, it’s definitely lacking (in my life at least). Getting outside promotes exercise in the same way that being inside promotes work and sleep. Fresh air can help replace inactive tendencies with active ones, all while reaping the benefits from the sun and the outdoors.

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Improved Focus and Creativity

You ever wonder why people go on wilderness retreats when they find themselves in a rut? Obviously, this is a stereotypical anecdote and solutions to problems are subjective, but it works in the movies and it worked for Cheryl Strayed in Wild. When working to conquer a problem or grasping for a creative breakthrough, a lot of the times you just need to look at the big picture. What provides a bigger picture than basking in the immensities of nature?

Stress Relief

I feel as though fresh air should be added to everyone’s mental health regimen. If you don’t have one, maybe start by drawing inspiration from the outdoors. According to Louise Delagran of the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing, nature has soothing capabilities. Even images of nature have proven to sooth and calm patients who were recovering from intense surgeries. Imagine what a walk around the neighborhood or sitting in your front lawn with some deep breathing could do for you!

Happiness :) 

No explanation needed, but I’ll still give one! Sunlight and blooming surroundings should be a foolproof way to elevate your mood and get you on the path towards productivity. Whether it promotes exercise, a place to meditate, or just gets you out of the office, the outdoors provides light, energy, and green. Who couldn’t use a bit more of that?

It’s so important to take advantage of the random sunny days of New England spring, that way, the days you wake up to frost seem like a glitch in the system. No matter how busy, stressed, or unorganized you may be, there is never too little time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Lucy Masuret

U Mass Amherst '22

Lucy is an honors student in the 2022 graduating class at UMass Amherst. She prides herself in emphasizing inclusivity and open-mindedness. Lucy is passionate about all things health and wellness and would eat pasta for every meal if she could.
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