UMaine In CHAARG: An Interview With The Chapter Ambassador, Vanessa Dunn

What is CHAARG?


CHAARG stands for “Changing Health, Attitudes, and Actions to Recreate Girls”. It’s a national health and fitness organization at universities all across the country and is now making its mark on the world. While health and fitness are certainly part of the foundation of CHAARG, it can truly make a college campus home for anyone and everyone. From marathon runner to someone new to exercise and fitness, CHAARG will not only broaden your horizons but bring you new friendships and a place that makes everyone feel like a someone. From trying new workouts each week, forming these friendships at your Small Group and building a community (and having fun!) at socials all semester, CHAARG will truly transform your college years in a way that no other group can. Be empowered, be happy, find your fit, and most importantly, find yourself!


What is your role in CHAARG?


I am the ambassador for the CHAARG Chapter coming to the University of Maine. Basically, I am training to learn how to bring the chapter to campus while also recruiting potential members for when we become an organization in the fall!


Why did you want to bring CHAARG to UMaine?


I wanted to bring CHAARG to UMaine because I am passionate about health and fitness. I have gained so much confidence from working out and I feel so much healthier and happy since making exercise a part of my life. I know to start a fitness journey by yourself can be daunting, so CHAARG helps give young women all the tools they need to begin their journey, and it also allows them to make friends and to always have a workout buddy!

What is it like being a CHAARG member?


We have Weekly Workouts where we can bring in different fitness instructors each week, Small Groups, socials and National events (like FitPlans and retreats). 


A Weekly Workout is held each week where we bring in a fitness instructor from the area to lead a class. Weekly Workouts help our members find their fit and discover new and fun workouts that they love!


Small Groups are led by each executive team member throughout the semester. A Small Group is a group of CHAARG girls from our Chapter who meet every week for one hour - same time every week with the same group of girls. Not only will you do a workout together every week, but your Small Group coordinator will also plan fun events like smoothie runs, coffee dates, etc! Small Groups create a sense of community in our chapter and you instantly have new workout buddies. 


How does one become a member?


To become a member, you can email [email protected]. Or you can message our Instagram @umaine_inchaarg asking for more information!


When can someone join CHAARG at UMaine?


Currently, girls are able to apply to be a part of our chapter’s executive board. These girls who apply and receive a position will start their training this semester. In the fall of 2020 is when non-executive board members will be able to start participating in CHAARG, but you can start receiving information now by emailing [email protected]!


What are the executive positions in CHAARG?


VP Membership:

  • Plans and leads recruitment and retention.

  • Coordinates Small Group.

  • Leads new member orientation and information sessions.

  • Qualities she should have: organized, welcoming, approachable, lives and leads through CHAARG’s core values.

VP Media:

  • Chapter Photographer at events.

  • Manages and promotes Chapter social media.

  • Creates all Member Monday posts.

  • Qualities she should have: creative, organized, social media savvy, lives and leads through CHAARG’s core values.

Event Coordinators:

  • Plans Weekly Workouts.

  • Encourages and maxes out events.

  • Reserves rooms on campus.

  • Qualities she should have: organized, outgoing and friendly, love trying new things, professional, lives and leads through CHAARG’s core values.


  • Plans all socials.

  • Organizes and manages the Chapter budget.

  • Leads Welcome Party and End of Semester/Quarter Party.

  • Qualities she should have: organized, creative, money-savvy, approachable, lives and leads through CHAARG’s core values.


  • Manages Chapter attendance and event sign-ups.

  • Organizes Chapter’s Google Drive.

  • Takes Meeting Minutes.

  • Qualities she should have: organized, great communication skills, Google Drive savvy, lives and leads through CHAARG’s core values.


What are the benefits/responsibilities of having an executive position?


After school, CHAARG should be your top priority when you are part of the executive team. Each position is for a full year, spring semester of one year to spring semester of the next year. Each member of the executive board should attend all team meetings, which are held every week and all Chapter events, including Weekly Workouts and socials. 


Every CHAARG executive leader has the opportunity to participate in an exclusive leadership course just for our executive members! This course is filled with content to help you grow as a leader and prepare you for being a future female leader of the world. All CHAARG leaders have a team mentor that helps advise their Chapter as well as them personally! They can go to their CHAARG mentor with anything and everything! As a leader, they get to shape the events their Chapter is doing and help chart the path forward for your community. Members are helping create a National community and leaving a legacy on our own campus. Executive members also get 15% off all CHAARG gear!


What kinds of workouts do you do if you join CHAARG at UMaine?


Whether it be barre, boxing, pilates, Zumba, or simply lifting weights at the gym, we try new workouts every single week in an all-inclusive and comfortable environment!


What level of fitness would one need to join CHAARG at UMaine?


No fitness experience is needed! CHAARG is meant for young women of all fitness levels, whether that means you’ve been working out for years or you’ve never worked out a day in your life! CHAARG is available to all women to help them gain confidence in the gym and themselves while trying out different types of workouts every week, allowing you to find what works best for you and what you love most!


I encourage all college women to give UMaine CHAARG a chance, as it will give you the chance to learn more about health and fitness, and overall, “find your fit”!


Interested girls should like the Facebook page, University of Maine CHAARG, and request to join the private Facebook group, UMaine CHAARG. Also, follow the UMaine CHAARG Instagram account, @umaine_inchaarg and Vanessa’s personal Ambassador Journey account, @vanessa.13_inchaarg.