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Tips to Deal With Seasonal Depression

Every year around this time, the weather starts getting colder, our beds get comfier, and we start feeling less motivated to do schoolwork, go to work, etc. A little nickname for that feeling is seasonal depression. Mental health, finding confidence, and staying motivated to keep trudging on through the winter is so important!  I’m going to give you guys a few little tips and tricks to help keep your head in the game and stay a little more focused and motivated during the soon-to-become unbearable school weeks.

1. Find your happy place after school

One of the most important things you can do is find something to look forward after classes. Pick a club you want to do for fun. Something you really find interesting and exciting. Start going to the gym more during the week. Go to one or two yoga classes during the week to help keep your mind working and relaxed. When winter comes, get into an outdoor activity, whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, or even just running around in the snow for a bit to keep your mind sharp. Finding a hobby or something fun to do can make you want to wake up more in the morning.

2. Clean up a little

As small as it sounds, little things like vacuuming your floor, doing all your laundry, washing your sheets, etc can really change how you feel about the winter months. Redoing your room and decorating it to your own touches can make it feel more homey and switch things up a little. It all sounds like small steps, but in the long run it helps you feel more comfortable and less stressed out.

3. Find people to talk to more

Whether it’s a group of friends, your parents, your favorite cousin, or your little brother, venting to people releases stress and tension about your day. Talking out loud about your problems helps you to cope and find relaxation with yourself. Holding everything in can become so mentally unhealthy. You may even find the people you talk to are going through a lot of the same things, and you can find ways to deal with the stress together.

Seasonal depression is a real issue, especially when it comes to the weather like we deal with in Maine. These are small tips to help day-to-day, but if it becomes a bigger deal, seek out a therapist or someone you trust about what to do from there. There are so many solutions to feeling better mentally about your confidence and believing in yourself, and life will get easier and better as time passes.

Maddy is a junior at the University of Maine. She is from right outside of Worcester, Massachusetts. She is an English major and wants to become a journalist. In her free time, she skis, hikes, reads and hangs out with her friends.
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