Profile: Haley Lawrence

Name: Haley Lawrence, captain of the Women’s Cross Country Team


Grade: Senior


Hometown: Ellsworth


Why you chose UMaine: I wanted to be on a division 1 athletics team and the UMaine coach recruited me!


Major: Business marketing with a minor in graphic design!


Birthday: March 28, 1997


Zodiac sign: Aries


Favorite thing about UMaine: I like that it has small town vibes with lots of opportunity!


Favorite professor/advisor: Ann Maxim


Clubs involved in: Distance runner for the women’s cross country and track team, and AMA


What’s your favorite part about being a captain?: What I like about being a captain is throwing team bonding activities and seeing all the girls having fun together and connecting on and off the track.

Most challenging thing about being a captain?: I think it’s challenging trying to accommodate everyone’s schedule and make sure no one is feeling left out.


What made you fall in love with running?: My favorite part about running is competing to the best of my ability and never doubting myself and my full potential but always giving my 100% effort in a race. As soon as the gun goes off, everything I’ve worked for pays off. I don’t have any pre-conceived doubts about the race, I’m just able to do what I love.


Most interesting thing about you: I lived in New Zealand for the summer and went bungee jumping and sky diving there!


Name one thing you want to accomplish by the time you’re 30: have lived in 5 different countries


Favorite place in Orono: The Family dog “for the blue rum buckets”


Hobbies: hiking, hanging out with my friends, photography, and videography


Favorite Netflix show: One tree hill


Favorite celebrity: Kehlani


Favorite movie: Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith


Favorite fall activity: pumpkin carving


Favorite food: jalapenos


What flavor rush do you get at Aroma’s: Sweet ‘n tart


Favorite season: Fall


Cats or Dogs: Dogs


What are dreams after college: marketing for Nike


What advice would you give to incoming freshmen: Take classes you’re interested in, and make sure to network!