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Profile: Brianna Mosher

Basic Facts

Name: Brianna Mosher

Hometown: Gardiner, ME

Sign: Pisces

Relationship status: Happily taken would be an understatement :)

Twitter: @buildingbri

Instagram: @buildingbri – follow me for food reviews and lots of fitness, health and self love tips!

Website: buildingbri.com

Nickname(s): Bri

Campus Life

Major: Psychology with a concentration in both Social & Developmental with a minor in Child Development

Year: Junior

Why UMaine?: I’m way too close to my family to be far from them, and I completely love Maine. UMaine is the friendliest, most inviting place.


Building Bri

How and why did you start this?: After competing in my first body building bikini competition, I was so inspired to share everything that I had learned about nutrition, health and body image. It’s grown more than I could have ever imagined, and connected me to so many amazing people all over the world. Check it out for macro-friendly healthy recipes, fitness motivation, and self love/body positive inspiration!

What is your favorite part?: My favorite thing about buildingbri.com is hearing from acquaintances or people who I didn’t even know were aware of my blog that they are inspired by the pieces, and that reading it gave them a new perspective. When readers, peers or even strangers reach out to me to say that they relate to my message of self love, or they tried my recipe and loved it… I truly can’t explain how happy that makes me. 

Most challenging thing about it?: It can be challenging to balance school, training, a part-time job, relationships with family, friends and my boyfriend with my blog… but it’s completely worth it!

Anything exciting coming for the site?: YES. I am always working on expanding my blog. I’ve just begun taking select contributors who will share their stories of overcoming body image issues, eating disorders or their personal self love journey. Even more exciting than that, I am releasing an eBook on Flexible Dieting VERY soon! This is something I’ve been perfecting for a long time which will hopefully help others learn how to eat all the foods they love, be flexible with their nutrition and propel them towards their fitness, health and physique goals. If you’re interested in this, be sure to follow me on social media because I’ll be giving away a few free copies! Lastly, there may be some recipe and mindset videos coming out in the future, so keep your eye out for that.

How do you stay motivated?: When I want to blow off the gym, I think about how far I’ve come and how much further I can go. I think about how great it will feel to take home trophies in the fall, and surpass my expectations and belief in my abilities. 

The importance of positive body image and anything else you want to share about what you do, goals, etc. 

If you read nothing else on this profile, read this:

My sport is based completely around what my physique looks like. Having seen my body in the leanest possible shape, 8% body fat when I took the stage, and now the heaviest that I have been in my life while bulking, I have learned so much about body image. My most profound take-away from competing is this: body image is entirely mental. You will always compare your current body to your peak body, and if it falls short in your mind then it won’t be good enough. You will experience cognitive dissonance, and you will feel uncomfortable because you’re not at your personal best. 

But here’s the thing: even in that peak state, you will still find flaws in your body. It will never be perfect. I know, because even at my leanest, I found areas of improvement. I still could find faults about the most insignificant parts of my figure. So why waste a second wishing for your body to be different? If perfection is impossible, and you’ll always be striving for better,  why not just appreciate the body that you have right now? 

Having gone from stage physique to my current off season one, I can tell you that the thoughts you have about your body are so much more important than the way your body actually looks. Appreciate yourself, emphasis your strengths, and see your body as the amazing, supportive, life-giving machine that it is.  

Lastly, I’d just like to share that it’s so important that we build each other up around this social issue. The current body positive movements circulating social media have been amazing, and I know I’m not the only one who has found comfort and unity in them. While we don’t all talk openly about our insecurities, we all have them. We owe it to each other to speak to one another with understanding, kindness, and acceptance. We deserve to build each other up every chance we get. Tell your friends how beautiful they are, how smart they are, how fun they are to be around. Compliment random people. Share your admiration for others with the people around you. Remind each other that we are more than our bodies.



Favorite place on campus: Bear’s Den; catch me in a booth always. 

Favorite song to work out to: Disco Inferno by 50 Cent, don’t judge me.

Favorite snack: Peanut butter. All 25 flavors currently in my cupboard.

Favorite way to relax: New Girl and a bowl of protein ice cream. 

Favorite recipe on your site: The Most Addictive Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream. PLEASE try this – it will change your life.



Best friends: I couldn’t choose if I tried, love them all too much.

Best place to meet people at UMaine: Wherever is central to your interests and passions is where you will find like-minded people. For me, definitely the gym!

Best Class: Storytelling. PS it counts as your art credit and it’s so fun.

Best place to find workout clothes: If you’re willing to pay for it, Lululemon is the best of the best. If you’re a broke college kid like most of us, TJ Maxx is my go-to!

Best piece of advice you have ever gotten: You have to be true to yourself. When you follow your heart, everything falls into place.


Top Three’s

Top three things to accomplish before graduation:  

  1. Have a great 2017 competition season this fall (follow me on Instagram to see!)
  2. Begin taking clients and teaching people flexible dieting and macro-counting.
  3. Grow my blog to inspire as many people as I possibly can.

Top three favorite things to do in the spring: 

  1. Walk/hike outside
  2. Drive with the windows down
  3. Finally workout outside

Top three places to travel to in the future:

  1. All across Europe
  2. Ireland
  3. New York (Did you know they have a raw edible cookie dough bar? That’s the only reason I want to go!)

Top three gym must-haves: 

  1. Slingshot hip circle
  2. Wireless headphones
  3. Lululemon align leggings

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Calen is a fourth year Mass Communications major with a Marketing minor and a Psychology minor at the University of Maine. She is a sister of Alpha Phi and enjoys hiking at home in the Rocky Mountains, traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.
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