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A Campus Guide to Flu Season

With the drop in temperature already upon us, cold season is coming in hard. Here’s a list of ways to help you better prepare for when the sickness is around you.

Supply List:

1) Stock up on tissues

2) Always have cough drops in your bag 

If someone coughs in class, whip out that Ricola. BAM, instant friend.

3) Carry hand sanitizer with you

Bath and Body Works has nice smelling travel size ones. You can even get a cute keychain holder to strap on your backpack.

4) Cold medicine

Look at the packaging to find one that best fits your symptoms. Still not sure? You can always ask someone at a drug store, or, call your mom.

5) Warm drinks

Herbal tea is a great option for when you have a sore throat. But if you’re not a huge tea person, try heating some lemonade up in the microwave and drinking that.

6)  Soup

Go crazy, find your favorite canned soups, a microwavable bowl, and try not to burn your tongue.
  Also, spicy foods can make your nose run, take advantage of this fun fact to help with a stuffy nose!

7)  Vapor Rub

My mom once told me to rub it on the bottom of my feet and put some cozy socks on before bed. That might have just been her theory… Try looking up online where else to put it and hopefully you’ll find something that helps for when you have congestion

8) Humidifier

Add some water vapor back to the dry air in your room by running one of these.


Actions to Take:


2)  Wash your hands after blowing your nose. 

3)  Cover your cough with your sleeve, NOT your hands. 

4)  Stay hydrated. 

5)  Get plenty of sleep. 

6)  Throw out your lip makeup. 

7)  Take warm showers to loosen up your sinuses. 

8)  Don’t touch other people. As much as you’ll want to kiss your SO, wait it out. Otherwise, it’s a 
game of passing the sickness back and for. 

9)  Wipe down common surfaces like your doorknob with a disinfecting wipe.

10)  When in doubt, go see a doctor. 


Lauren Labbay

U Maine '21

Lauren is a Sophomore at UMaine studying Civil Engineering. She loves squirrels, dogs, and taking walks outside.
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