How To Get Fit For Spring Break Last Minute

How to Get Fit For Spring Break Last Minute

Spring break is quickly approaching. In fact, it’s just days away. For many of us, that means a road-trip resulting in friends, sand, sun, and swimsuits. But after a long winter of eating junk food while watching Netflix and avoiding the gym, you may not think your body is ready. You may be panicking and planning how you can get bikini ready in just a week. While you might not have abs as ripped as Jillian Michaels’ abs by the end of the week, it is possible to tone and lose a few pounds. So here’s a few last minute tips to help you on your quest for that beach body.

First, you must diet.

To make the amount of calories you burn per day greater than the amount you consume, you have to reduce your calorie intake.

1. Drink only water.

Seriously. No soda, no sugared juices, no alcohol. Just water means no calories. Just do it.

2.Cut out sodium.

Sodium makes your body retain too much water and bloat. Avoid it.

3.Avoid processed foods.

Most processed foods contain a high level of calories as well as hidden ingredients that are fattening. Try to eat healthier.

4.Cut sugar out of your diet.

Sugar equals fat. ‘Nuff said.

5.Go raw. Eat only veggies, fruit, and protein.

Although it may be difficult, it’s only for a week. Eating natural and the bare minimum is the best way to reduce your calorie intake.


Second, exercise.


The fastest way to lose weight is to hit the gym. There is no way around it. And with the amount of time remaining before spring break, I suggest you hit the gym every day this week for long periods of time.

1.Do lots of cardio.

Hit the treadmill or bicycle. Cardio is the best way to burn calories, and your booty will thank you. Incorporate short bursts of increased speed and intensity in order to raise your heart rate and increase the rate at which you’re burning fat.

2.Lift weights and do resistance training.

This is the best and quickest way to tone your muscles and get that beach body. And of course, you want to focus on your entire body. So here’s a list of exercises that will focus on different parts of your body.


Arm exercises:

·         Tricep extensions

·         Bicep curls

·         Pushups

·         Shoulder presses

Ab exercises:

·         Planks

·         Crunches

Leg Exercises:

·         Forward lunges

·         Wall Sits

·         Squats

Create a rotation between these exercises for a set period of intervals depending on the intensity and duration you are seeking for your workout.

Get tan.

Sporting a tan will make you appear slimmer and more toned. Get your glow the safe way by using self-tanners and bronzers. A spray tan is a safe solution too. Just make sure you get one a few days ahead so that it has time to wash out and fade a little, so you look more natural. And if you’re not into tanning, just motorizing and exfoliating will make your skin look and feel better.

Buy a swimsuit that flatters your body.

Everyone has a different body type and a type of swimsuit that looks best on them. So hit up the mall and find the perfect one for you!

Stand up straight and be confident.

Standing up straight avoids the rolls that come with slouching. Also, it makes you look taller and leaner. So smile, straighten up, and show your confidence. A smile and confidence are the best look you can wear.

Whether you start these tips a week before or the night before, don’t worry too much. People focus too much on their looks and are too self-conscious. Just hit the beach and have fun – that’s what spring break is all about.