The Best Book Series to Escape Midterm Stress

College is hard and schedules get busy. We all know that, but you need to focus on yourself and relax once in a while. Reading allows you to think about something other than reality, which can be a GREAT stress reliever. This summer I learned how to pick up a book instead of my phone to go on social media, and it was AMAZING.

Here are a few book recommendations that I read this summer that I highly recommend if you need a break from reality:

The Beach Club, Elin Hilderbrand

The author, Elin Hilderbrand’s, style allows you to feel like you are in any situation these characters are put in. The Beach Club is based off a summer on Nantucket Island (an island off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts) and the events and drama that go on throughout summer. It goes into details about Mack Petersen’s life working at a hotel, mixed with love and future decisions. Reading this book allowed me to feel every emotion I possibly could.

I won't spoil the end, but about 3/4 of the way into the book, there is a huge plot twist that you'll never see coming!

Warning: This book is going to make you want summer weather back and to go lay on the beach. 

The next 3 books are a series, and I recommend you reading all three if you want the full experience and jaw dropping ending.

  1. The Summer I Turned Pretty

  2. It’s Not Summer Without You

  3. We’ll Always Have Summer

This trilogy is written by Jenny Han, and this is going to come down to your preference on how often you like to read. After you read the first one (The Summer I Turned Pretty), you need to continue on and read the next two right after, or you will forget specific details that are important later on. The plot changes and thickens as you make your way through all three. It is about an average teenager and her crush, but it is way more than that once you get involved in the story.

These three books are a fun read and will allow you to put yourself in the main character's shoes (Belly). But there is a sad and dramatic portion of this series, and that is a huge turning point. You either are going to love or hate the character and their demeanor in this story line. 

The first book is very short and simple and bascially gives you a background of the main character and her friends/family, but then book two goes more deep into a situation involving a friend. Finally, in book 3, the plot twists, but in a good way, and it finally will all make sense. 

Warning: The ending is going to come quicker than you expect, and it is jaw dropping.

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