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7 Ways To Spend A Rainy Day

We all know the saying "April showers bring May flowers," and lately at the University of Iowa, we have been stuck in a rainy slump.

Don't get me wrong, rainy days can be so relaxing! Rain and storms are the perfect excuse to curl up in bed and Netflix the day away. But the same-old-same-old Netflix routine can grow old after awhile (I mean, I love the 'flix but there's only so much sitting around a girl can do). Here are some fresh ideas that might inspire you to put your rainy day to work.

1. Clean

That's right. Go through your closet and switch out those heavy winter clothes for your fresh spring attire! Clear out under your bed, pick up those dust bunnies, vacuum and reorganize your space. Take this time to de-clutter your life so when the clouds finally clear, you'll be feelin’ fresh!

2. Bake

The smell of fresh rainfall can be paired perfectly with the smell of anything sweet or savory. Make that delicious dinner and treat yourself to those chocolate chip cookies or cake or brownies...YUM! You can also meal prep. Cook meals you can eat throughout the week, so you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule later.

3. DIY 

Let your creative side shine, even on the cloudiest days and Pinterest away! DIY-ing things is relaxing and can be super fun if you grab your group to paint/color/craft. Click here for some super cute spring DIY ideas.

4. Game Night

When was the last time you and your crew gathered 'round to sink each other’s battle ships or find out whodunnit in Clue? Your dorm probably has some board games, or you can find some at your local store. Add snacks and some music and settle in for a night of childish fun.

5. Spa Day

You won’t be leaving the house anytime soon in this weather, so why not take this time to try out a new hairstyle or experiment with make up? Do your nails, put on a face mask, treat yourself to a spa day.

6. Color

If you don’t have one of these uber relaxing coloring books by now, you’re going to need one for times when the sun doesn’t seem to shine. Not only does coloring in these pages keep your focus off the sucky weather, but you get to create a masterpiece!

7. Yoga or Meditatation

Can we all agree the sound of drizzling rain is one of THE most calming noises? Light some candles and tune into your inner yogi-pro to become one with the rain.

Although the sun has been peeping through the clouds recently, you never know when you'll find yourself hunkered down because of the rain. Keep these ideas in your back pocket, and keep yourself entertained, even on the dullest of days!


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McKenzie Story is from Algonquin, Illinois and is studying Journalism and Marketing at the University of Iowa. She is a captain of the UIowa Dance Club and keeps busy by teaching strength training along with dance classes. McKenzie enjoys being surrounded by family and friends and is always up for new adventures. She is excited to be a part of Her Campus and is thankful that her university has such an amazing chapter.
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