Seven Splendid Crafts for Spring

1. Use flowers to make a beautiful sign

Wouldn’t this look so cute hanging in your dorm? Switch out the word ‘spring’ for an upbeat message or even your name! This tutorial will show you how to make it.


2. Create a watercolor wonderland

What a pretty pillow to come home to! Check out this link for some tips on painting the perfect pillow.


3. Who knew coffee filters could make such pretty flowers?

A little bit of food dye can go a long way! This gorgeous bouquet is cheap and easy to make -- learn more here


4. It’s about time to beautify your clock

Checking the time has never been so pretty! Follow the directions to make a functional springtime craft. 


5. Too much glitter is never a problem

Be sustainable and sparkly at once! Stay hydrated this spring with and follow these directions to make glittery tumbler. 


6. Fairy lights + flowers = fun

Imagine how lovely it would be to wake up to this this intricate flower garland. Just make sure your RA doesn’t see it hanging in your dorm room! Watch this video to see how simple it is to create. 


7. Customize the cutest candle

Have a favorite pic? Have a favorite candle? Combine them and have the best of both worlds! This easy, sophisticated craft would make a great gift, especially for Mother’s Day or for a favorite bestie. Learn how to make it here.

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