Stay Active (and Safe!) this Fall with these At-Home Workout Videos

The sun is setting earlier, the days are getting cooler, and laying in bed all day doing online classes seems more appealing than ever. Sure, fall is meant for wearing fuzzy socks and putting pumpkin spice in everything, but even in the midst of a pandemic, there’s lots of ways to stay active at home. Even if you can’t get outside, these are some tried and true, at home workout videos that are sure to ward off the winter blues.

Boho Beautiful: Morning Yoga in Bed

Boho Beautiful is an amazing channel focused on yoga, pilates, and overall well-being. Start your day off slow, plus stay in bed in your pajamas, with this morning yoga. Julianna has tons of videos for beginners, all the way to advanced, to help strengthen your yoga practice as well as relax your mind. Her positive energy radiates through all of her videos, making it the perfect way to start your day.

Fitness Blender: At Home Butt and Thighs

Fitness Blender does a great job of targeting muscle groups without all the fancy and unnecessary distractions that some videos have. With a clean white background and no noise except for Kelli or Daniel guiding you through the workout, it’s easy to turn on your own music and get moving. While this particular video uses weights, they have so many bodyweight only options that you can do anywhere. They also make special videos like low-impact cardio if you have downstairs neighbors, or kickboxing without any equipment, which makes their videos user friendly and accessible to all.

Vicky Justiz: Hourglass Ab Workout

Vicky Justiz is a long time favorite because of her positive attitude and simple videos. This particular workout, although two years old, is one of my absolute favorites. While most of her videos are under twenty minutes, they are deceivingly challenging and fun to pair together. Vicky is a real person just like her viewers, which means she doesn’t cut out clips of herself taking breaks or getting out of breath. On her website, Vicky also has month long plans that you can follow, which are completely free and super effective.

Annabelle Hayes: 2 in 1 Glute and Ab Workout

This workout by Annabelle Hayes is one of my favorites for when I’m short on time but want to feel like I worked some muscles. Annabelle has great advice for growing muscles, and is always candid with her viewers. If you’re able to get back into the gym, she has great routines that use equipment, but her at home videos are just as effective. 

MadFit: 15 Min Tik Tok Dance Party

If you’re anything like me, cardio is usually last on my to-do list. However, after 15 minutes, Maddie Lymburner of MadFit had me sweating and having fun, without even realizing I was doing cardio. Don’t be turned away by the name, this workout is seriously tiring. Maddie has a ton of fun videos that are distraction free and right to the point. Sometimes her use of pop culture references, such as her video “DaBaby – Rockstar ft. Roddy Rich Full Body Workout”, are a fun way of tricking yourself into working out even when you’re not in the mood.

Wherever you are this fall, living through a global pandemic is stressful. Although it’s important to take care of your body and workout your stress, remember to be gentle with yourself and always take rest days when you need them. After all, fall wouldn’t be complete with at least a few days spent under a cozy blanket watching reruns of Halloween movies. Exercise will be there when you’re ready.