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Run Away from Winter with these Races Right Around the Corner

Great time to get sweaty, burn some calories, and just have fun with these races right around the corner.

1. Color in Motion 5K in Hartford

Head over with some friends on June 13th and make sure to wear WHITE.  You can run, sprint, skip or walk. Feel like a kid again and get as colorful as possible. 


2. WilliWhammer Half Marathon and Frog Bridge 5k 

Taking Place on May 2nd, this is a great way to clear your mind and have some fun before finals. (Click Below)


3. Tough Mudder 

This 12-mile obstacle course might be lengthy but the experience is definitely worth it. You’ll be trudging through the mountain terrain with plenty of obstacles. Some might include running through electrical wires, the arctic enema (basically swimming through a bucket filled with ice), climbing the berlin walls and more. This race will test your limits but it’s all about camaraderie and teamwork. You’ll get muddy but it won’t matter at all.

The closest event from UConn is at Mount Snow in Vermont on June 6th & 7th. (Click Below)


4. 5k Road Race

Enjoy the outdoors on the tentative date of Saturday, June 27th.  Make sure to bring your K9 friends. (Click Below)


5. Autism Speaks U UConn and TKE 8th Annual 5k Walk/Run

If you are interested to run/walk for a cause this 5k is for you. It is conveniently located on campus, taking place Sunday April 19th at 12pm. (Click Below)


6. Max’s O’Hartford 5k

This St. Patrick themed 5K on Sunday, March 22nd will be a great start to the celebration. (Click Below)


Make sure to keep a look out for the 5k’s taking place spring weekend here at UConn. 

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