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I Tried 5 Different Activewear Brands… Here Are My Thoughts

With the world still adjusting to COVID-19, many drastic changes have been implemented upon the education system, the workplace, healthcare, and even the fashion industry. As nearly everyone transitioned into an at-home, virtual lifestyle, many were straying away from uniforms and business casual wear, to comfortable athleisure apparel. Being someone who enjoys fitness and has a more dense activewear wardrobe due to the impact of the global pandemic, I have had my fair share of experiences with different brands. Below I’ve ranked in ascending order what I believe to be the most to least satisfactory. 


Coming in at number one is the athleisure and casual apparel brand, Athleta. Owned by GAP Inc. Athleta is a female empowering, body positive, and certified B Corp brand that features inclusive sizing in almost all styles. The apparel of this brand is not only extremely comfortable and durable, but very stylish and versatile. Based on personal experience, the pieces that I have purchased from Athleta have lasted years now, and I continue to wear them while working out, walking around campus, studying, getting coffee, and just about doing anything througout my day. The leggings, facemasks, joggers, and tank tops are what I swear by for this brand and what I personally reccomend to be worth purchasing!


For number two on the list, I decided to rank the brand Aerie. Owned by American Eagle, Aerie has been a growing brand over the past few years that is nothing short of comfortable. Every single item made by this brand is extremely comfortable and makes you feel like your best self. What makes this body-positive brand noteworthy is their inclusivity with sizes and styles, diversity amongst their models, and affordable prices. Their leggings are buttery soft and super great to lounge around in or to pair with an athleisure outfit. Alongside the leggings, the products I absolutely rave about from aerie are their sweatshirts and under garments. Although my experience with Aerie and Athleta products have both been outstanding, the items I have tried from Athleta seem to be more durable and longer lasting for exercise.


Founded in 2017, Nobull Inc. is a growing brand that makes exercise shoes and apparel for both men and women. Being someone who is obsessed with running sneakers and having something comfortable on their feet, I had to try the sneakers from Nobull. Although they are unfortunately quite pricey, the products are extremeley durable and well manufactured. The sneakers I own from Nobull are super comfortable and have actually made exercise more enjoyable and efficient. I definitely reccomend the running or training sneakers or for those who are interested, as they are super long-lasting and can be worn for whatever activity you are doing throughout the day. 

Old Navy

Old Navy is a sister brand of Athleta, also being owned by Gap Inc. Their products are similarly styled to those of Athleta, but are not as durable and lack the same quality. With the affordable prices of the different sizes, patterns, colors, and styles of their clothes, Old Navy’s athleisure department has successfully grown. I personally reccomend their joggers and sports bras, as they are super comfortable and can be paired with a variety of outfits.  


Last on the list is Gymshark. Being such a popular brand amongst college aged men and women, I decided to try this brand out to see what they had to offer. Seeing that the prices were more affordable than other brands that I have tried, I was excited. However, the leggings unfortunately were not the most comfortable in the fabric and in the way they fit, for my personal experience. I still reccomend this brand, as it has worked out great for many others who seem to have rewarding results with their products. 

Natalie is a junior at the University of Connecticut studying Marketing with a concentration in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. Even if she is running, cycling, or reading a book you can always find her listening to classic rock records.
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