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Five Easy Ways To Feel Better Everyday

Everyone knows college is stressful, especially at this time of year. But there comes a point when it is necessary to put your studies on hold and take care of yourself. Follow these five simple yet wildly effective tips to improve your mental health.


1.) Stop saying you don’t have time.

When was the last time you were literally so busy that you couldn’t spare just two minutes? It doesn’t take long to refresh your mind and calm yourself. Stop treating your mental health as a burden. Give yourself the adequate time to do whatever you gotta do to feel better, no judgement.

2.) Meditate anywhere, anytime

You don’t need to sit criss-cross on a yoga mat for an hour to achieve meditation. Just close your eyes, take deep breaths, and try to recenter. The key to meditation is proper breathing.

3.) Wine is best when bottled for a long time, emotions are not.

Say what you are feeling when you feel it. Do not be ashamed or nervous; your feelings are valid and important, and letting them out is crucial to your mental health. Have no one to talk to? The UCONN Counseling & Mental Health Services are always there to not just listen to your problems, but help alleviate them. It’s not silly, it’s serious.

4.) Quit moping and start moving.

Literally any form of exercise acts as a stress reliever. If you’re serious about your exercise but aren’t crazy about traditional gym workouts, UCONN’s BodyWise fitness classes are as fun as they are challenging (just be sure to sign up 24 hours in advance!)

5.) Stop thinking it’s the college norm to get no sleep.

Just because our library is basically never closed doesn’t mean you should be pulling multiple overnighters there. I could literally write an entire thesis with numerous facts to back me up on the importance of sleep. Go to bed. Right now.

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