Fancy, Healthy Snacks to Go

I’m going to admit to something right now and I need you not to judge me too harshly. I’d like to think that you, dear reader, and I have a rather close relationship and honesty is expected. So I have a confession, my Amazon shopping habits are border-line troublesome. My compulsion to spend hour after hour browsing every single department and create fanciful shopping lists of things I might (but will likely never) buy, is well within the definition of “addiction."


It was upon one of my many Amazon trolls that I stumbled upon the company 88 Acres. This little gem of a company makes the most delicious, and weirdly healthy, snacks! Being the ~snack connoisseur~ I am, I was quick to taste-test everything the company had to offer. 

I mean, healthy AND yummy sounds a bit too good to be true. My inner skeptic was screaming and I decided to see if 88 Acres products could actually come through. 


That being said, I have completed the very difficult and arduous sampling and come to the following ranking conclusions:


Seed Butter 2-go Pouches

1.   Vanilla Spiced Sunflower Seed Butter

2.   Maple Sunflower Seed Butter (tastes like literal autumn)

3.   Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter (is this chocolate frosting?)

4.   Watermelon Seed Butter with No Added Sugar (taste just like tahini!)

5.   Roasted Pumpkin Seed Butter 

6.   Roasted Watermelon Seed Butter

7.   Pumpkin Seed Butter with No Added Sugar


Seed Bars

1.   Double Chocolate Mocha (so soft with a slight chewyness!)

2.   Ginger Apple

3.   Cinnamon & Oats (like getting a warm hug from a snack bar)

4.   Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

5.   Triple Berry Blend (tastes oddly refreshing with a little tanginess)


All in all, everything was good and it’s hard to rank the items against one another. However, some items were REALLY good.The superstars were definitely the Vanilla and Maple seed butters and literally ANY of the seed bars. Not only did the products taste good, but the ingredient list is sparkly clean. I mean, they even offer paleo (sugar-free) versions of almost all their product flavors. 


You know, when I make my own healthy snacks, it tends to taste a lot more like cardboard. I think I’ll stick to 88 Acres from now on and leave the cooking to the professionals. 


Speaking of professionals, the founder of 88 Acres (Nicole Ledoux) was inspired to create the food company after her husband had a severe allergic reaction during one of their dinner dates. The date ended with a romantic trip to the ER and completely changed the way Nicole thought about food. She began experimenting in their basement apartment kitchen until she created something Rob enjoyed and could safely eat. The Triple Berry Seed Bar was the winning concoction and the start of 88 Acres!


Looks like one woman's worst date story is another woman's next business venture...