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As winter break winds down and the next semester begins with no sign of that elusive Northeast sun in sight, you may already be feeling weighed down with how much being stuck inside during these cold months has sucked.

With the start of the spring semester and the responsibilities already starting to pile up, here’s a few ways to help kick those winter blues.



There’s no shame in it, and it really will help you feel better. When all your stress and sadness builds up from coming back to cold Connecticut after your tropical vacation, sometimes the best way to feel good is to just let it all out, the old-fashioned way.



Warm Up

Sometimes the sun will peak itself out of the gray winter clouds, and you should stay by a window to bask in that light as long as you can. When even that little bit of sun goes back into hibernation, taking a hot shower, lying by the fire, or wrapping yourself up in your coziest sweats and blanket is the ultimate comfort technique.



Have a Spa Day

Head down to your favorite spa, massage parlor, or nail salon and let them treat your body right. If you can’t afford to visit somewhere, or don’t feel like leaving your dorm, you can always do a homemade version: Run a warm bath, pour yourself a big glass of wine and lay back while listening to soothing music or reading your favorite book. Making your body feel good will help your mind feel a little better, too.



Spend Time Someone Who Loves You

When you’re really feeling down about yourself, sometimes it’s best to go visit somebody that you know cares about you and your wellbeing. Whether that’s a family member, a friend you don’t usually see, or just your dog, being around someone who thinks you’re worth something will make you feel a little better about yourself, too.



Consider Seeing a Professional

There’s a huge stigma against seeking help for mental illness, but if you’re really that down and none of these techniques help, you should consider seeking some advice from a therapist or clinician. There are plenty of short- and long-term options for you to consider how to move forward with what’s best for you.


Seasonal affective disorder hurts 6% of people in the U.S., and another 14% get extra down in the wintertime. Remember that you’re not alone. Remember that self-care is important above all else.

Rest up, feel better and work hard this semester. Spring is coming.



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