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Apple Cider Vinegar: A Shortcut To a Healthier You

Step aside, coconut oil, and let’s shine a light on apple cider vinegar, the new solution to many of our health problems. Just like coconut oil, ACV does multiple things and it benefits you in a variety of ways. The following is a list of changes you will notice if you take one tablespoon of ACV once a day for at least a month:  

1. ACV Helps Aid in Weight Loss

  • Apple cider vinegar is scientifically proven to increase satiety, which basically means it will help you feel satisfied and full faster while eating a meal. This also means you will consume less, reducing your daily calorie intake. 

2. ACV Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Fights Diabetes

  • Many studies show that ACV can increase insulin sensitivity and significantly lower blood sugar levels after eating meals high in refined carbs. Those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes have elevated blood sugars and would greatly benefit from drinking ACV on the daily. 

3. ACV Helps Detoxify The Liver

  • Research done confirms that ACV can help remove harmful enviromental toxins that build up in your body, especially in the liver. While flushing out these toxins, the ACV helps the natural blood filtration process while also giving you a boost of energy as well! 

4. ACV Promotes Better Sleep

  • Evidence shows that drinking ACV with a little bit of honey before bed can cure your insomnia. Individuals who have done this swear they fall asleep quicker and that they sleep longer as well. Who would’ve thought… 

5. ACV Will Cure Your Acne

  • Did you know you could use ACV as a toner? The chemicals in cleansers and soaps can disrupt the natural acidity our skin has, however,  ACV can return it. While ACV balances the pH levels of our skin, it will also kill bacteria,remove dirt, oil, dead skin and the list just goes on! *Heads up: for this one, you’ll have to apply it to your face one to two times a day rather than drinking it. 

6. ACV Will Help Your Acne Scars disappear

  • ACV contains certain acids that help reduce those little pesky red marks on our skin. If you have indented acne scars or “holes” on your skin from previous breakouts, you can mix ACV with baking soda, which will help stimulate the production of collagen to fill in these spots. 

7. ACV Helps Out With Dandruff and Hair Loss

  • The acid in ACV is an antimicrobial that kills fungus and bacteria, which are two of the main causes for dandruff and hair loss. On top of that, ACV will give your hair that shine you’re dying for! (And for this to work, you’ll have to rinse your hair with ACV once a week!)

So there you have it! If you can take a shot of Dubra, you can take a tablespoon of ACV.  Time to enjoy a healthier you! 

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