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In this age of social media, we have more access to news than a medieval king did in his lifetime. That definitely has its benefits but, at other times, this can negatively affect our mental health. The 2020 US election had everyone around the world doomscrolling as we awaited the final results and its implications. Burnout is quick as you learn about disasters, scandals, and the rise in COVID cases in real-time. It is quite a powerless feeling to see everything that is going on and knowing that there is little you can do.  Stress comes easily as you try to keep up with your life and everyone else’s.  


This is why it is important to take a social media break, for a day or even just an hour. When you feel overwhelmed by all the news, log out or close down Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok and take a moment to recharge.  If you ever feel yourself growing frustrated or cynical as you bury yourself with information, put your phone out of reach.  Additionally, there are apps that you can download that will allow you to customize the time you want to spend away from your phone.


This will allow you to focus on the other things in your life.  Go for a walk, read the book, get ahead in the readings for your class, or just relax. It can be hard at first but I was able to make this a habit. Build this into your schedule so that it becomes a normal part of your everyday routine.


Remember to take a break from social media a few times a week so you can focus on something important: yourself.

Alexa Gee

U Alberta '21

Alexa Gee is a senior at the University of Alberta. She is completing a Bachelor of Science with a Biology major and Sociology minor.
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