HelloFresh Hell Yes

I was given a subscription to HelloFresh for Christmas. It was pitched to me as an excellent way to learn how to cook. I suppose my family had little faith in my abilities. HelloFresh describes itself as a meal kit delivery service, meaning the service delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your door. Having already tried 12 recipes, I thought I could weigh in.


How it Works

  1. Pick a plan. - You have the choice of a meat and veggies plan, a family-friendly plan, or a vegetarian plan. As I speak from experience, I will focus on the meat and veggies plan. You also choose to serve 2-4 people and select the number of recipes 3-4 per week. If you live alone, a two-person serving with three recipes will be enough for dinner all week.
  2. Get Your Delivery - Even though my boyfriend lives on an acreage, it was still delivered right to the door. I also think I should note it is all packaged in and delivered from Edmonton.
  3. Cook, Eat and Enjoy 


The Cost

The price per serving is $11.49 + $9.99 for delivery for two people. The price per serving lowers as you increase the number of people or recipes. My plan (four people, three recipes) works out to $123.96 a week. However, this price can be lowered with various promo codes. The promo code MURDER gets it down to $83.95. If you use the same code with a two-person three-recipe plan, you can get a week for $28.93.


My Opinion

I love this service. My family was right. HelloFresh taught me how to operate in the kitchen. I used to think making noodles and alfredo sauce was impressive. Now I have learned to cook fish, pork, beef, and chicken. I also have made and enjoyed the food I just assumed I wouldn’t like, such as chili. Hoisin-glazed Pork Meatballs is one meal I particularly enjoyed. These meatballs were served with stir-fried snap peas and Bok choy on coconut rice. Who knew minute rice had competition? I also appreciate that HelloFresh uses local suppliers and packages their ingredients with the amounts needed for the recipe to reduce waste. I hate when I go grocery shopping, and half of the ingredients I bought end up going bad because I never know how much is enough. Also, I enjoyed switching from frozen food to fresh food. I would recommend this service unless you are already Gorden Ramsay in the kitchen.