Why You Should Leave Campus as Much as Possible

At this point of the year, it might feel like the walls of your tiny dorm room are closing in on you. After a month of living in New Orleans, the novelty might have worn off and you might be holed up studying over an ever mounting pile of textbooks. Or maybe you just don’t know where else to go or who to go with. 

No matter what the reason you seem to be stuck inside, it’s high time you leave campus. While Tulane is beautiful and full of fun, there are so many benefits to exploration. Trust me, your sanity will thank you later.

1. Separation of School and Fun

Living on a college campus is both fun and extremely hard at times. A big issue that a lot of students don’t think about is how hard it is to separate school work and home. Since you are living out of a tiny room literally steps away from where you go to class, it’s often hard to get out of the school mentality and let yourself relax fully. Leaving campus and making memories attached to the city will make New Orleans feel more like home.

2. Plague Prevention

Getting out of your germ infested room surrounded by germ infested people is always a good idea. If you have somehow managed to survive the sickness that has swarmed campus (I envy you), a good way to keep up your healthy streak is to get some fresh air that hasn’t been tainted by coughing and sneezing. Even a couple hours will do wonders and you can escape the constant coughing fits of those around you.

3. Mental Health First

Life can get really hectic, and while college is fun, it is also really stressful. Taking fun breaks and trips, whether staying uptown or going downtown, is extremely beneficial for clearing your mind and refocusing. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a streetcar ride is a $1.25 and picnics with smuggled food from the Commons are always just as fun as eating out. Giving yourself time and space to take in the world around you is crucial to keeping your mental health in check.

4. Alone Time is Necessary

While humans are social beings, alone time is absolutely a necessity. Sometimes it feels impossible to have a moment alone on a college campus, a constant stream of people moving wherever you go. Taking yourself out for some alone time will be more helpful than you even know. It’s so important to check in with yourself and “take your temperature”, as I like to say. How are you doing? How are you feeling, emotionally or physically? What do you need? Having time to yourself to sort through your own emotions and mental state will be so beneficial to your sanity in the long run. Friends and other people are great, but ultimately the only person you have forever is you. So treat yourself right.


While campus is gorgeous and has amazing opportunities for fun and connecting with others, leaving campus is crucial to finding balance. The Tulane bubble is very real and it is always good to expand your horizons by taking some time to take in your surroundings. So I challenge you to leave campus (before you ask, no, the Boot doesn't count) and make some memories.