Taking the Good from Quarantine

COVID-19 brought a lot of readjustment to our lives, but you can always look on the bright side. A lot of people took quarantine as an opportunity to get active, and rather than stay all day indoors, people began to spend more time outdoors and take care of themselves. Many people took more time to reflect on themselves as well as giving themselves time to indulge in new hobbies such as cooking or painting. Now with everyone being back in school and work and as states begin to reopen, it is important to take with us the positive growth that we acquired throughout quarantine. 

While working out for an hour every day might seem like a lot to some, it is essential that we try to put aside at least thirty minutes of our day to get some fresh air and have some time for ourselves and our bodies. Whether this time is used for  a jog, a quick at-home workout, or even less rigorous activities such as yoga or going on a walk, it is crucial to allow ourselves this time. Get some fresh air and allow your body to release those endorphins. Self-love is vital, and it begins through taking care of your mind and your body. 

Woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring Photo by Jared Rice from Unsplash

The same way you would check in with your friends and family, it is essential to check in with yourself  now and then. There is no need to live life at 100mph now just because we spent the last six months bundled up in our homes. While there is undoubtedly a lot more on your plate right now, remember how nice it was to have time for yourself in which all you did was fill your day up with your favourite things. Just like it was important to continue to maintain a stable routine during quarantine, it is equally as important now check in with our minds and body to ensure that we are one hundred percent ourselves as we return to this “new normal.” 

If you find yourself overwhelmed, there are so many ways to get relaxed and motivated. Put your phone down when you walk outside, look around at people and nature that surround you, and take a deep breath. Mostly everything has a solution. Take breaks between studying/working and go on your favorite platforms, reward yourself with snacks, or take the time to call someone and ask about their day. If it is hard for you to get things done with a clouded mind, voice your emotions or even write them down in a journal. 

Give yourself something to look forward to every day, whether it be seeing your dog, working out, having lunch with a friend, or eating your favourite dessert at the end of the day, let whatever it is that you do be for you.  Let yourself be consumed by things rather than deprived of them.